Wednesday, January 26, 2005


104 hits yesterday and 38 already today. Man, this Blog Explosion thing is great. Thanks for all the comments. I've enjoyed surfing some of your sites. As I type, I'm eating warmed over pizza that spent the last 14 hours unrefrigerated. I'm doing it to prove a point. Well, I'm really doing it b/c I'm broke and it was left over from last night's college Bible Study and I'm about to starve, But if it'll prove a point, so be it. We are an anti-bacterial society. Let's wipe out all the germs. Let's stifle our immune systems. Make it to where they don't ever have to fight anything. We give antibiotics to any kind of illness even if it's not germ related and our society has become immuned to its effects. Real germ and bacteria strains are getting stronger and our systems are getting weeker. While talking to a nurse friend of mine about anti-bacterial body wash, he told me we need some germs around. He'll do the hand thing, but let regular soap take care of the rest of him. He's around sickness all day long and he hardly ever gets sick. SO, I eat this old, unrefridgerated pizza withold cheese and soy product meat look-a-like thingies to prove a point. If I get sick and die, you can say, "I told you so." My tombstone can read "The pizza did him in." Man, that would really be ironic for a dead youth pastor. l8r


Vicki said...

Unrefrigerated pizza?? You are a youth minister.. that is probably not even the grossest thing you have eaten this week. Rick says it's healthy compared to the banana and mayo sandwiches that sat out on Grandma Randall's kitchen table in July for 6-7 hours with no air-conditioning... Now those sandwiches would have had some germs!!

jenianddean said...

Good for you ... it's nice to hear someone who actually understands the value of building up a little resistance. Some sickness is a good thing. People thought I was nuts when I was happy we didn't have enough flu vaccine...

Bowman said...

Yeah, I was a strong supporter of building up the immune system. Went to Yemen last year. The restaurants there are as unhygenic as possible; dirty as can be.

First couple times I got the runs and had to throw-up, i figured hey, I'm just adjusting and toughing up.

Ended up getting amobeic dsyentery, fun stuff. Luckily, anti-biotics worked and I was healthy again.

Kept up the same attitude when I went on to Egypt, Jordan, Syria. Drank tap water in Syria and Cairo of all places. Didn't get sick, thought the "toughen up" thing really worked. I mean hell, if Cairo's tap water didn't do anything to me, what could??

I returned to America in September. Perfectly healthy until mid-November. First it was just night sweats; no reason to visit the doctor. Slowly, things got worse. Finally went to see the doctor two weeks ago. I have an enlarged spleen, anemia, and there might be a problem with my liver as well. Cause? Some parasite I picked up in the Middle East.

Guess my toughening up wasn't as good as I thought :-). Good news is I just need to take anti-biotics again.

Excuse me for the somewhat unrelated story.

Oh, I've done the unrefrigerated thing numerous times, but 14 hours? that's daring.