Tuesday, January 18, 2005

All New American Idol

It's finally here!!! The time of year I glue myself to the tube night after night to watch American Idol. I Love to see the first several weeks of auditions as I sit and ponder, "What are they thinking?!" So many who can't sing but think they can. OUCH. I usually watch the audition phase just to see who makes it. I drop it for a while unitl the final 3 are left, then pick it back up only to complain that Americans are idiots and Simon is almost always right. I am stoked that a youth minister from Texas made it to the next round. He actually sounded pretty good. When I heard he was a YM, I hoped he wouldn't suck. We'll see how he does. I got a special surprise tonight. Kim got me hooked up with Gevalia Coffee. I got a nice coffee pot, 2 travel mugs to lose in my car, half a pound of vanilla nut and a half pound of breakfast blend. As I was looking online, I found out we could have gotten the deal where we get the stainless steel timer coffee pot for only $5 more. Oh, well. I brewed the vanilla nut and enjoyed it as I laughed through Simon trashing all the horrible wannabe's. Well, it's nypd blue then off to bed. Busy day tomorrow but I'm looking forward to it.

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Kate Brown said...

As a fellow A.I. addict, I was drawn to your post. Funny, I feel the same about Simon. He is usually right, but his brutal honesty leaves much to be desired.
I love to watch the auditions. It seems that almost predictably, those with the better voices start the audition with a very articulate rapport with the judges.
I cringe when the cocky ones stroll in, obviously trying to hide their anxiety by being overly loud and boisterous...especially the tone deaf ones that "have been told that they sing like an angel". It's sort of sad, too. :(
Luckily there is much more joy than sadness--and that'
s what keeps me watching.
Until next time-