Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

The freedom we enjoy comes with the price of sacrifice. To all in the armed sevices, you have my deepest gratitude. I hope the freedom you provide will allow us to experience the greater freedom that can only be found in the ultimate sacrifice of God's Son. Knowing Him, now that's freedom, and eternal life. "This is eternal life, that they would know the one true God and Jesus Christ who you sent." -John 17:3

Thursday, May 26, 2005


I left the house @ 4 am and took a group of missionaries to the charlotte airport. I made it to work by 9 and piddled until about 1:30. I've been in my recliner since then, minus some time taking out the dog, fixing some food, and taking care of normal body functions. I just popped in The Aviator. I feel like a useless sponge. I could have done so much today, but I minimalized myself utter laziness. I haven't even played xbox. Tomorrow will be much busier. I don't know why I can't enjoy rest.

Monday, May 23, 2005


A serious side hits me hard this morning. I got a call Friday morning to go to the ER. A 32 year old mother of 2 had a stroke and is hanging on by a thread. The Dr's have done all they can. Since Friday, some good signs and bad ones, but it's still just a wait. I deal with families in crisis often and know what to say, how to pray, and try to comfort. It's all real, I've never seen it as a job. But this is different. My wife turned 32 a couple of weeks ago, and we've been in and out of the hospital with various issues, but I can't imagine what I'd be going through if I were in Brent's shoes. Brent is the husband, we grew up together. His 2 children are so young. I haven't seen him in 15 years, but I have heard about his life through his parents who attend my church. Great, loving, dedicated people. I don't know if "knowing all the answers" helps in a time like this. I know God is in control and His will is perfect, but that only offers intellectual comfort at least and at most offers no comfort at all, only anger and guilt for not wanting God's will if it's contrary to ours. We can agree with others that God's will is for healing, but do we pretend to know the vastness of God's will? I can't make that assumption. I HOPE it is and I KNOW He can, but I honestly don't know what will happen. Instead, I pray for strength, peace, healing, and comfort that comes from beyond ourselves. I do know that God's will is to be with His children in their pain. I can remember times I wanted to give up when He filled me with just enough to make it through another minute. Audria is a fighter, from what her family tells me, and Brent is a man of God. I pray for more than healing. I pray for friends and family who will stick together to rely on each other to comfort, strengthen, encourage and cry. If prayer is like knocking on the door of a neighbor in the middle of the night, we'll bang as long as it takes, begging for a full recovery. And when all is said and done, I can guarentee answers won't be what gets this family through. The love, comfort and peace that goes beyond our intellect will hold this family together no matter what the outcome. If you pray, please say one for Audria and her family.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Star Wars

I'm not into a reviewers mood today, so this is all I'll say right now. Went to the opening of starwars last night. A LOT of action and some very interesting people in the theater. Acting was a little crappy. I believe Natalie Portman was the best next to yoda, but he's cg. Go see it, it'll be worth your while. For all the non-starwars people, see at least the 2nd, 4th (which is actually the 1st Starwars made back in the 70's) and 5th (Empire Strikes Back) before you see this one. I think you'll like it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

New Toy!!!

OK, so I lost Vonage and had to go back to POTS (plain old telephone system) because of ADT issues, but a new gadget has amazed my tiny little brain. Our cable company has offered 3 free months of DVR. I think it's just like Tivo. It's been around for a while but it's new to me. I can see why they offer it for free. After less than 14 hours with it, I'm already hooked. This thing is incredible. Pause a program, go to the bathroom or to get some p-nut butter nilla wafers, hit play and start where you stopped. During the commercial, hit the "live" button and go right back to real time. SUH-WEET! I love it

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I was Tagged

I been tagged, I'll play along. 01. Total volume of music files on my computer? 5.82 Gig 02. The last CD I bought was? Passion - "How Great Is Our God 03. Song playing right now: not playing, but last song I heard: Are You Happy Now by Michelle Branch on XM Mix ch.22 04. Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me(in no particular order): "My Heart Goes Out" Warren Barfield "Vertigo" U2 (Bono needs to learn to count) "Daughters", John Mayer That "you had a boyfriend that looks like a girlfriend I had...." xm radio "Indescribable" Chris Tomlin 05. Which 4 people are you passing this baton to, and why? Rebecca Cliff Vicki StateDog Because I want to.

Monday, May 16, 2005


Flatulence Filter The Flatulence Filter is a breath of fresh air for you and your fellow passengers! Flying can cause many travelers to experience uncomfortable intestinal gas, which in turn can lead to embarrassing flatulence. And at 30,000 feet, it's difficult to blame the dog! The Flatulence Filter looks like an ordinary seat cushion but contains an activated carbon air filter that absorbs odors immediately and lasts up to 12 months. Ideal for airplane, train, or car travel, it has a handy carrying handle. Favorably reviewed in Business Week and Prevention Magazine. Product Review WOW! Never in my life have I farted for so long and with such complete comfort. Really, flying used to cause terrible problems for me and I had to visit the bathroom multiple times even on short flights to lessen the discomfiture of my passengers. With Flatulence Filter, my troubles were gone ! It looks like an ordinary seat cushion, so it's not conspicuous, and it works beautifully. There is absolutely no odor emitted whatsoever, regardless of the state of your stomach. Highly recommended to all travelers. - Flatulence Farter, New York, NY

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Good Bye Vonage

I had a great time with Vonage. Free long distance, caller ID, call waiting, all kinds of other bells and whistles, but its over. Yes its OV-AH. Boohoo, tears, and sniffles. It seems that there is no way to use myADT alarm system with vonage. Something about the way they compress and decompress the signal that confuses most alarm monitoring systems. In a very sporting attempt to fix the problem, I did find NextAlarm. Great company that does monitor over a broadband connection with the purchase of a network adapter ($119). That seemed the best way to go.... IF I HAD $119. I switched to Vonage b/c I'm BROKE, POOR, IMPOVERISHED, AIN'T GOT NO DOUGH. I also found out I have a service contract with ADT that would cost another $100 to break. So I go back to POTS (techno jargon i learned meaning Plain Old Telephone System) and we're back where we started. It was good while it lasted. I actually didn't save any money seeing as I have to pay reconnect fees. I can see only 1 solution. ADT!!! Please fix your VOIP Issue!!! Oh yeah, VOIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol. Another technogeek word I learned. I did learn some geeky new language, but I can't take that to the bank. Oh well.


Snot Results. Here it is, from both blogs, all the things you can do with a gallon of snot. *mix with flour bake on 350 for snot biscuits * snot relish on hot dogs. * boogers & chips. fried with fries. * oatmeal. who'd know the diff? *use it to hang wall paper. *put it on a piece of tape and make fly paper. *glaze on a bunt cake. *hair gel. *Make gel wristwrests for your keyboard or gel inserts for your shoes. *Snot balloons. These make great grenades, or so I'm told. *Bicycle tire patch kit. *Throw it at people at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. *Coat yourself in it and go as a slime monster for Halloween. *Put in in plastic capsules and sell them out of gumball machines for 50 cents each. *Resuscitate dried out slugs. *Use it to practice for auditions for a part on Nickelodeon's "You Can't Do That on Television." *Put it in a time capsule and gross out your descendants. *Use it to threaten your evil little sister. *Snot Cookies *Snot Cake *numerous Casseroles *Freeze it and make another flavor of ice cream! and my personal favorite: ***Three words: slip and slide Thanks Phil

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Saturday, May 7, 2005

Review: The Gutter by Craig Gross

Craig Gross has created a "must read" for youth pastors and anyone who's looking to be more like Christ. The Gutter is about the life and ministry experiences of this twenty something pastor and co- founder of His convicting veiw of the modern day church not only reveals one of its biggest problems, it also casts light on the actual ministry of Jesus. I never realized the gutters that I abandon on a daily basis. Whether it be the affluent upper class, the homeless in the literal gutter, the pornography industry or the actual church, gutters are everywhere. Jesus found them everywhere He went, and spent most of His time there. So what keeps us out of the gutter? Craig says FEAR. We've been saved from the gutter and don't want to go back. We teach our kids to stay away because it may reclaim them. As the church, we have created our own little "safe" world and have become critical of anyone who threatens it with the call to go back. It's the call of the Great Commission. Craig explores Christian Crossover Artists, seeds planted in the porn industry and even the Hooters Bible Study Group. He exposes the fear of the religious media and the openness of a world hungry fora real Savior. This book is going to all my student leaders and will be a favorite to lend out.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005


More snot than you can shake a stick at. I wonder what you can do with a gallon of snot? Hmmmmm. Add flour, bake at 350 for 10 minutes and make snot biscuits. MMMMMMMM. Feel free to add ideas.

Sunday, May 1, 2005

Erich Skelton

I had a chance to hear Erich Skelton at a coffee house last night. He's making a good turn out of the college scene in Columbia, SC and is getting ready to head out for a college tour. Good tunes. Check out some of his music by clicking the pic.