Thursday, January 20, 2005

What A Deal

I just got a killer ski jacket from American Eagle and got a great deal to boot. Original price was $98 and I got it for $29. I love a good deal. That's not the end of story. As I was looking for the bargain coats, I walked past a young female store employee stripping this guy naked behind the clearance rack. A male employee was enjoying the show. A few very awkward seconds went by until I noticed the half naked guy was an amputee. NO LEGS. I think, "THIS IS SICK. YOU TWO ARE SICK!!!" An old guy who works there, about 50 with hip AE clothes on and an earring offers some suggestions on how to redress this poor soul. It was then that I realized it was one of those half maniquins. OK, You probably figured that one out, but for the 15 seconds my brain was accumilating all this information, I was EXTREMELY traumatized. Oh well, I did get a real good deal on the jacket.

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