Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Random Thought: Today, I pray for MOTIVATION. It's a little before 7AM and I'm enjoying some christmas blend and a little wis news. I need to get up and start the day, but I am enjoying the moment. I could turn on the tree (yeah, we plan on taking it down today) but it's becoming quite the fire hazzard. A little droopy and dry. I feel it will be a busy day, mostly because I will attempt to get a majority of work done before my lunch meeting in Lexington so I can come home and do some much needed clean up around the house. I have taught students about their ultimate purpose on earth. We were created to worship, honor, and love God. He desires intamacy with us. It's funny. When we're not on board with that purpose, it seems we have no purpose at all. We attempt to figure out and interpret events of our lives, make our plans, and live our lives in frustration. The answer is to get back to the original purpose. I'm tired of trying to figure it all out when I know the answer.

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