Monday, January 31, 2005

The Main non-Event

I know I live in the south and I have no right to complain about the lack of the wintry white stuff, but I have a major issue with South Carolina weather-people. Come On Guys! Get it right for once. I think I'm going on a news weather boycott. Let me explain. Up until this past Thursday, it was supposed to be a normal rainy cold weekend. The weather-people left it alone, just rain and cold. I start thinking, "They aren't predicting it, they don't expect it! It's going to snow!!!" I held out hopes until Friday afternoon when they started talking about a "severe" ice storm. At that moment, all my hopes were crushed and shattered. I knew it wouldn't snow, it wouldn't ice, and we'd just be wet and cold. If they say it will happen, IT WON'T!! To beat all this, it happens over a weekend where nobody gets out of work or school. There were, however, a great number of churches who believed the hype and canceled services for Sunday by Saturday night. I believe there will be a severe judgment of God on weather-people for hyping this up and taking away from HIS day of worship. Sunday Morning: NO SNOW (I blame this on the weather-people b/c they jinxed it), no ice, nobody in church b/c they believed these wretched fear-monger weather people, and no days off of work or school. It gets worse! It's Monday morning and the same bad ol' weather-people are saying, "We're getting away from this terrible cold. It will be so nice to get back to warm temperatures." BULL SNOT!!! Maybe I like it cold. Maybe I like to wear my new $30 jacket from American Eagle Outfitters. I'm FAT. Maybe I like NOT SWEATING when I walk outside. I think I need to move to Alaska! Have a nice day.

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