Monday, January 10, 2005

Nothing Broke

I just got back from Winterplace a 2nd time with no broken ones or hurts. At least no more than I started with. Conditions were terrible but we had a great time. I did a lot of thinking this weekend and if ou are one of my students reading this, please don't think I'm planning on leaving. I AM NOT. I just want to put down the thoughts. I have always wondered what kind of impact I can make on students. I often think someone else could do a better job. More excitement, more momentum, more pizzazz, more "buzz" with the community. It seems we have reached a stagnant point in our student ministry growth and it puzzles me. I know there are a million different reasons and I can't blame it on any 1 except maybe myself. I look at the students who are growing but it doesn't seem to build excitement or any long term commitment to God or the group. Maybe it's too early to see the long term. This is all stuff I've struggled with before. Seeing no impact, no fruit, only expectaions of something better than what we have and then those expectations become the criteria by which we are judged. Effective? That's a subjective word. Anyway, I know the answer lies in my life growing in Christ to the glory of God. He brings the results, I just bring the obedience. Yada yada, it's tough to know the answer. I'll continue to step it up with Him. That's the exciting part for me. We'll see what happens. Until then, I'm praying for sme dedicated leaders, student and adult, to step up to God's call and be what He's called them to be. I guess I'll be first.

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