Tuesday, July 26, 2005


It's 11:05 PM and its 87 degrees here. The heat index is 97, and it's 11:05PM!!!!! Tomorrow is supposed to make it to over 100 with an index above 115. For all you desert dwellers, we have something called HUMIDITY. When you walk outside, It feels like someone is slapping you in the face with a hot, wet, steaming towel all over your body. Ahhhhhh, gotta love livin in the south.

NEED Comments.

I CAN'T BLOG!!! I've lost my inspiration. I don't know what it was, but I know it's not here. Let's change the focus and get some comment traffic goin on. 70's, 80's or 90's? Why?

Sunday, July 24, 2005


I spent all day in Mullins Friday cleaning out a storage room. It was HOT, about 30 degrees hotter in the storage room because it's a metal building. I drank A LOT of water. While standing in line @ the store for a Gigantic bottle o' H2O, an old lady walked in with an oxygen tank. She was coughing and trying to use an inhaler. I mean coughing up a lung coughing. she stood behind me and I really felt sorry for her. It took about 3 minutes to get to the cashier and I was wondering why she was just standing behind me with no products. I thought maybe she was buying gas. I paid for my water then walked out. As I open the door to leave, I heard the old lady through her coughing say, "Give me 2 packs of Winston Lights." I guess if you're that bad off, why bother to quit? I'd love to see that in a magazine ad.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Oh yeah, gotta love it.

Busy day yesterday as usual, no problem. Band Practice went great and I got home about 8:30 to settle in for a nice relaxing evening. My lovely bride called me to the laundry slash mud room to listen for an unfamiliar sound. Hmmm, running water. That's unusual, there's no water on. I walked outside to find water gush under the siding. The sound of a rushing water echoed though my head. Hmmmm, leak, it's the middle of the summer. It takes me about 30 minutes to get the water cut off at the street. Packed up the dog, headed to mom for the night. We NEEEEED Water. What a joy. Plumber came this morning and Staff meeting was moved back 30 minutes just for me. Thanks guys, I'd HATE to miss even ONE SECOND of staff meeting. It's a much better evening and I only have a little clean up to do. God is good. I can praise him when things are bad, but I sure do have a hard time doing it when things are just darned inconvenient. I guess I'll get it eventually.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Rest for the Weary?

We got back Friday from Crossroads Camp. For you the YM's, give it a look. Great camp that works with YOU to build your student community instead of wow-ing them with emotions and non-lasting mountain top highs. Yesterday was interesting. Noon wedding, Hospital visits, Dark Waters (Not a great movie) then YARD WORK!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE! I came in about 8:15 and my wonderful wife waited on me hand and foot. She's awesome. Not becasue she took care of me, but because she just is. A long day butthe yard looks halfway decent. I learned a lot about myself and my group this week. I look forward to logging it in the days ahead. Now, it's off to shower and start the Sunday Grind. l8r

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Good Week

Good week is An understatement. I miss my wife and my critters, I miss my bed, but I believe the sacrifice has been worth it. Good week @ camp with the kids, not just the mountain top emotional 2 weeks then it's gone stuff. I believe long lasting, real, practical. Coffee shop with wifi rocks too. I'm paintballing in an hour, time to light somebody up.

Saturday, July 9, 2005


Awesome Pool Party with the middle school families today. The best flash frozen burgers in the world and a SUPER HUGE grill. a whole new group of guys who think they can take me, oh yeah, like those before, bigger and greater in number, they failed. Nap in the chair at home and finished shaving the collie. That's a job. He looks very un-collie like. My day comes to an end with CRAP on TV. Miss SC padget and Battle Star Galactica. Come on. They're trying to coin a new word, I've heard it several times on the show. "Frack." Can be used as "Frackin'." OK, What is that suppose to be. They throw it around like it's normal. I think I'll call in a frackin night since there's nothing in the frackin tv. I feel so influenced.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Real Invasion

I saw "War of the Worlds" yesterday and I have to say I was impressed. INTENSE. Dakota Fanning should win an Oscar, she's phenominal. Tom Cruise, while I've always enjoyed his acting, proved himself as a Hollywood great. Great Actor, Cooky person. Tom, his new bride to be Katie and John Travolta would have you believe we are actually, physically inhabited by aliens. Scientology teaches, as I have studied over the net, that we are all part of a cosmic game being played in the minds of aliens who have deposited themselves in our physical bodies and have become hypnotised into believeing they aren't aliens. They lie dormant inside of us and just wait for us to die, at which time they pass to another new life and take all our emotional baggage with them. Scientologists believe in a mental ascent to awaken these aliens (thetans) for the purpose of bending the rules of reality to make things go your way. Travolta, Criuse, even Kirstie Ally all contend that the reason behind their success is in found in Scientology. Hmmmmmm. Sorry guys, not buying it. You have just been banished to BIZARRO WORLD.

Sunday, July 3, 2005

Walmart on Sunday afternoon

Or should I say BIZZARO World. There are some FREAKY people in Walmart on Sunday. They come out in mass, more than you can count. Buggies pulling out in front of you from EVERYWHERE, people looking right past you, running over you because they are oblivious to the real world. They're in BIZZARO World. It continued. We ended up at Blockbuster. Seems they don't know their alphabet. Going internet somehow messed them up. Nothing in place, new releases all out of order. We wanted "In Good Company" and finally found it nestled on the bottom isle with the P's, or was it the M's, who knows, see what I mean, BIZZARO World. Today has been weird.