Monday, January 24, 2005

What was she thinkin?

I took the long way to work this morning b/c the short way would have been longer with traffic and I was puttin' along in my big o'l hooptie suburban about 60 when a little old lady in a ford escort whipped right out in front of me. I did the best I could to screech my beast of a vehicle to a slow down to keep from running over her. A.D.D. STORY BREAK: I use to drive small cars and when someone was going slow in the fast lane, I could pull up behind them trying to get the message across that I wanted to go faster than them. You know, kind of like making my presence known. They would just smile, smirk, laugh, tell me I'm #1 with the wrong finger and stuff. But NOW, with the suburban, I guess I'm much more intimidating. They quickly move out of the way. I try not to let the power go to my head and pray for humility but it's nice to be respected on the road. NOW THE REST OF THE STORY: SO this lady pulls out in front of me and RIGHT before I plow into the back of her, she SLAMS on breaks. She also had 1 breaklight out BTW. It's all I can do to keep my monster car/ truck from hitting her, then I see it from her review and side mirrors. With a scowl on her face, she begins to cuss and scream. She shook her fist at me. I'm half deaf so I read lips very well, and I wouldn't dare repeat her monologue, but needless to say, I was offended, momentarily mind you, but very offended. I responded with a loud, "You pulled out in front of me!!!" She didn't stop yelling. She sped up as fast as she could, in anger I guess, which wasnt very fast. Come on, it's a ford and it's an escort. I was quickly diffused of my frustration and let it all go thanking God I didn't kill anyone. I didn't want to be the talk of the SUV haters, and I really did not want to dent my suburban. I stayed behind her a few miles until the road widened into 4 lanes. As I pulled up beside her, she was still shaking her fist and cussing me up and down. I rolled my window down (only because it is very darkly tinted), smiled, waved, and mouthed, "Have a nice day. Jesus Loves You." It made for a very interesting commute.


Rick said...

don't assume she was thinking. she's assuming you weren't :) and that she's the best driver in the county. had a guy STOP in a right hand turn lane, turning right, with a GREEN LIGHT in front of me. i made no assumptions that he was thinking at all.

Anonymous said...

Blowing kissess at 'Road Ragers' always screws with their minds.