Thursday, June 23, 2005


In case any of you were wondering, my last post was completely bogus and sarcastic. I did get to see Batman Begins last week @ Imax. Good Show, I'll see it again on the small screen and I am looking forward to War of the Worlds even though I get pretty discusted with Tom Cruise. Ahhhh, sum mean man skwuhted wada in his pwuh weedle face. Deal with it jerk. OK, enough of celeb gossip, at least I haven't had to hear about brad and angelina in the last week. Been kinda busy and found out how much fun BIG HUGE BLOW UP WATERSLIDES can be. This is the end of my useless rant. Have a peachy day!

Friday, June 17, 2005


I'm so excited I can't stand it. I've got goosebumps, I think I may faint. I've just got to scream!!!! It's SOOOOOOO AMAZING!!!!!! WHAT A DAY!!!!!!! Tom Cruise popped the Question to Katie Holmes!!!!!!!! We have a savior. I cried for 5 days when I found out Brad and Jennifer were getting a divorce, It took me 4 days to get over Ben and J-Lo and hours to grieve Britany and that high school sweetheart guy. . FINALLY, a REAL LOVING HOLLYWOOD couple. Someone we can here about EVERY DAY on hollywood gossip tv. Man, I was getting worried. whew, to much excitement. OH MY GOSHNESS!!!! THE ICING ON THE CAKE IS HERE!!!! I just found out people have been CAMPING OUT at the Today Show Studios to get to see none other than, oh yes, I can't contain myself, I think I'm going to piddle, HILARY DUFF. Oh, I wish I could be there. I CAN'T STAND IT.


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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Time pt. 2

I can't believe I got it all done yesterday. I even had a little time to play XBox with the kids. Got home about 10, finished some phone calls about ten minutes later and enjoyed watching ALL of Lost with the help of DVR. It's hard to stay out of a rut with 14 hour days that all seem to run together. I have already forgotten our short vacation. I barely have time to blog. Hey peppy. (he just woke up and gave me the , "Daddy, I reeeeeeeeeeeally have to pee." look) but i'm still doin' ok. I really wanted to work on my time management and it seems I'm squeezing the most out of the hours. ("Daddy, I'm squeezing as hard as I can to not pee on the wall.") I also think we will be moving closer to the church very soon. Coming home for a little break during the day will help a lot ("If you don't break away from that blog, I'm gonna spray the cat"). So life's really looking good, I just wish I could see my wife more ("If I have to wake her up she'll be ticked. TAKE MY OUT!!!!!"), but that'll happen soon enough. And so is life. Have a great day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Did anyone see Batman Begins last night? I'm going to see it at Imax. I'm looking forward to it. Yesterday, I didn't even got to plug in the laptop or check email. I left the house @ 7:30 and didn't get home til almost 9 last night. I don't think I stopped long enough to sit down and clear my thoughts. This is my life for the summer. Another busy day ahead. PRESSURE!! What kind of pressure can a youth minister be under? Hmmmm. Collect camp deposits (Always hard getting $ from people), new parents meeting, powerpoint for worship,plan bible study for middle school and high school, purchase orders, VBS, fill in bus driver, make lunch for day camp staff, re-schedule a staff meeting, move video projectors, hmmm, gonna be a busy day. I'll be through and home by 10 tonight. Sleep a while and do it all again tomorrow. I need another vacation.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Jackson: Innocent?

It's official, He's Innocent? Squeaky. It was 11 years ago while on my Honeymoon we heard of OJ Simpson's wife being murdered. We returned to Columbia on June 17, 1994 to see the infamous bronco pursuit on every channel. It seems ironic that we just watched the chopper camera follow Michael Jackson's motorcade trek from Neverland Ranch to the courthouse for the reading of the verdict. Innocent on all accounts, I don't think I'm surprised. I don't think the prosecution had a solid case.

Sunday, June 12 (delayed post)

Why does beach water make such good coffee? We went to the Carolina Opry in Myrtle Beach last night. I have to say it is a top notch show. No wonder it’s been awarded the best attraction on the Grand Strand. $30 tickets are great seats and well worth the time and money. I recommend it next time you're at Myrtle Beach OK, I lied, I brought the laptop. Of course this is a delayed post b/c we have no internet connection. There is a faint wireless signal but not enough to connect. Oh, BTW, it’s always a good thing to secure your wireless router. I just happen to be an upstanding guy who won’t surf porn on your connection (or mine own for that matter) but the next guy might not be so upstanding.

I’ve been up since 6. Peppy had to make a lasting impression on the lawn of the Condo Development. This old yankee guy stopped me as we were getting out of the car yesterday. He asked if we were owners or guests. I’m sure it was because of Peppy. I told him we were family of the owner and he asked what unit we were in and who the owner was. I’m glad he’s concerned about keeping the no pets rule, but I wanted to tell him a few things. If I didn’t hold my tongue I would have said, “Listen fellah, I just drove 4 hours after a horrendous 6 months of NEEDING a vacation, I left my wallet at home, my car started to overheat in the outrageous traffic and I REALLY just want to take a few days and relax. I’ve been under more stress than a Big Mac at a fat farm and I really just wish you’d MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS!”

I was nice though. Oh well, we’re goin to a movie today and I’m reading the next to last Left Behind book. I DON’T want to go back home.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Da Beach!

OK, Thanks for all the advice on the headache. I feel better, after mixing 4 Tylonol and 4 Advil, it went away for an hour. I'm going to the beach for a few days, spending my 11th anniversary on the sandy beaches of Garden City. I really need a break. I'm not taking the laptop or the xbox, just 3 new books, several dvd's and a desire to be refreshed. Have a great weekend.

Monday, June 6, 2005

Been a while

UPDATE ON RECENT POST Audria woke up today and asked to see her children. She's been in and out of it for the last week, but seems to be improving tremendously. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers... I don't think I've gone a week without blogging since I started. It's been REAL busy with Summer starting up. Probably my biggest time of the year. We spent last week wishing the rain away only to got the other extreme. HOT and Muggy. I think I'll stop complaining about weather and just make the best of my A/C. So a friend wants me to write some songs. I've never been able to harness my creativity for enough time to create lyrics. My inspiration is usually spread over days and weeks. He's found someone to put music to it, but I don't know how it'll work out. I would love nothing more than to write some original songs and sing them with Kim and Robert. It's just so hard when I think about all the THOUSANDS of songs out and how much cheese fills the market. If songwriting was easy, everybody would be doing it. I may use the blog to throw some stuff out. At least here I can keep up with it. Band Practice tonight, counseling tomorrow night, church Wednesday Night, Thursday night - something will come up... weeks fillin up quick. Might be a while before I blog again.