Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 39

39 days ago I started an experiment. I wanted to eat less and exercise more to lose some weight and build some endurance for the new year. Week 1 - gained 2 lbs. Week 2 - gained 2 more, Week 4 - lost 2 lbs. Week 5 - lost another 2 lbs. I have one more day, but as of Sunday, I've come full circle. My exercise has been sporadic at best. Fatdog probably lost and gained as well, we'll weigh him tomorrow too. 
Spiritually, I've been reading the Bible through in 90 days. I'm almost a month into it and have made it to 2 Kings. Transition has been the story of my life. Change is never easy, but I can say that most of the time, it's best. God is doing something great in Me, my wife, our church, and our community. Sometimes I feel like I'm spinning, getting dizzy, about to puke. But most of the time, I'm enjoying the excitement of the ride. Psalm 62:5-8 has been my heart's cry. 
In the mean time, Kim and I are starting a new "wellness" plan that includes healthy food and depriving myself of cheesecake. We'll see how it works.
SO tomorrow is it. 40 days...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 38

Two more days of the FatYouthPastor 40 day experiment. I've lost the 4 lbs. I gained the first 14 days so I'm back to very little change. The major difference is in me seeing what it's going to take to lose the weight and gain a healthy lifestyle. Kim and I started "The Maker's Diet" yesterday. I'm not sure what all the details are, I'm just eating what I'm told. I think it has to do with a jewish old testament diet. I'm sure I'll learn more if the first week is successful.
A lot has changed though, over the course of the experiment. More on that later.Here are some things I want to do before 2010 come to and end.

Kayak to Charleston
Lose 50 lbs.
Run a mile (yes, at one time without stopping)
NOT have a heart attack from running a mile
Write a song
Fix broke stuff at my house
THROW AWAY / SELL / DONATE all our family JUNK
Take Chaco down Mills Race on the Saluda River

I can probably add a hundred things to this, but I'll start small. In the mean time, if you live in central South Carolina and feel a rumble or shake, it's not an earthquake. Jeff's just trying to run...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 26

I put the brakes on the weight gain and I'm back down to +2 lbs from where I started so I guess I actually lost 2 pounds (not good seeing as I gained 4 in the first 2 weeks). I've done NO exercise this week but I have been eating better for the most part. I'm going to take today to be lazy and do NOTHING!! I've got some catchup to do on my B90X (read the bible in 90 days). Breaking into Joshua and Judges today. I'm praying for Kim to feel better. God is SO GOOD. 
There is a million things to do around the house and I'd love to find the motivation to take care of it all, but my only motivation is to park my carcass in the recliner and rest in true Fat Youth Pastor Form. 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 23

Fat Youth Pastor 40 day Experiment has not been a total failure, even if I did scarfed down 5Guys for lunch today. I forgot to weigh yesterday and we are on the way to ATL tonight for Kim's treatment tomorrow. That means Marietta Diner and halfway healthy fast food via chick-fil-a. Weigh in will be Wednesday morning before I eat chocolate chip pancakes with the FCA student leadership. This is much harder than I thought. I have purchased the domain so my buddy Brian Padget and I can finally document our escapades. Look out world.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 18

I don't think I've lost any weight and I haven't walked in 3 days. Chaco's getting lazy, I'm already there. BUT... I am going skiing with some college students friday. I may even get to see some REAL snow. I'll see what this endurance building has led me to. Can I keep up with the flat bellies?
I started Elevation Church's B90X read the bible through in 90 days. Already through Exodus and into Leviticus. Two students are going with me and their consistency amazes me.
I haven't had much time to blog, changes are everywhere and I'm very excited about what's coming up. More on that later. Fat Youth Pastor needs hi beauty sleep. (A LOT OF IT!)