Friday, April 29, 2005

Blog Tagged

OK, About the photo friday post, did you see the basketball w/ the wig? Ahhh, I'm a youth pastor. OK, So I've been taked by Rick @ Rambling Adventures. The idea behind this one is that, when tagged, you choose 5 occupations (or more) from the list below and complete the sentence with it describing what you would do as a member of that profession. If you have more occupations to add, you add them at the bottom following the "If I could be" a format. My additions will be in YELLOW. After you're done, you get to go and tag 3 other people. Add a trackback to the one that tagged you as well as a trackback to Ogre's original post. If I could be a scientist If I could be a farmer If I could be a musician If I could be a doctor If I could be a painter If I could be a gardener If I could be a missionary If I could be a chef If I could be an architect If I could be a linguist If I could be a psychologist If I could be a librarian If I could be an athlete If I could be a lawyer If I could be an innkeeper If I could be a professor If I could be a writer If I could be a llama-rider If I could be a bonnie pirate If I could be a service member If I could be a photographer If I could be a philanthropist If I could be a rap artist If I could be a child actor If I could be a secret agent If I could be a comedian/comedienne If I could be a priest If I could be a radio announcer If I could be a phlebotomist If I could be a pet store owner If I could be a computer programmer If I could be a police officer If I could be a politician If I could be a mom If I could be an underwater basket weaver If I could be a reality tv host If I could be a forensic pathologist If I could be a key grip on the next Star Wars film If I could be a fairy god parent If I could be a cast member on "Smallville" If I could be an Airbus pilot If I could be U2's equipment manager ADD MY OWN If I could be a flight attendant on Hooters Airline If I could be freak of nature If I could be a microsoft executive If I could be belly button lint Here's what I chose: I I could be a reality TV host I would create a makeover show that takes real pretty people, models, and actors, and make them fat, saggy with crooked teeth. They would have actual plastic surgery, end the show by being shunned, mocked and ridiculed by their peers. I'd move them into a trailor in Sylvania Georgia. Of course we'd have to do follow up shows. If I could be a linguist, I'd create a whole new language for teens based on Napolian Dynamite and bad 80's catch phrases. "Gosh, Idiot! Gag me with a bo staff!" would mean "Hello, How are you today?" If I could be belly button lint I'd want to live in the navel of a 400 lb man. I'd settle in the deepest part and do what belly button lint does. Ok, I'm tagging Statedog and Cousin Eddie


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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hey all you new peoples!

Hey all you new peoples visiting via blogazoo and blogxchange. I know your probably not sticking around more than your 20-30seconds, but thanks for stopping bye. I'll probably end up at your site too. I appreciate you generating traffic for your own site while I fool myself into thinking 156 people actually just wandered onto my site because they think I'm interesting. I'm hoping to get blasted by at least 200 waterbaloons today. More on that later.

Monday, April 25, 2005


Long day of meetings and finding out we have no money. What else is new? My sweety's back from NC and that makes me happy. Short post today.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Should Have Been Photo Friday.

I really wanted this to be photo friday, but couldn't find it. So for all who are surfing, ain't he cute! Posted by Hello

Photo Friday


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Welcome to South Carolina

Ahhh, South Carolina, home of Myrtle Beach, hundreds of miles of beautiful coastal beaches and wetlands, incredibly awe inspiring foothills and woodlands, and a history that precedes the formation of our great nation. I love where I live. In the not to distant future, our state is going to vote on a bill that prohibits chicken and pitbull fighting. It will be a felony and punishable with up to 5 years in prison. Sound Great? Yeah, well it's currently only a misdemeanor to physically abuse someone in a domestic relationship. WE'RE MOVING AHEAD!!! You can't fight your chickens or dogs without going to jail, but you can beat your wife and get off with a slap on the wrist. I'm not a politician and I do not use this blog to push my personal political views (at least not very often), but I think we've succeeded once more in stereotyping our "good ol' boy" politics. Before you watch this link, please know that I have the utmost respect for our politicians and I know they are attempting to crack down on domestic violence, but this news report takes the cake. WIS TV Ok, so I can probably figure out this whole story. Two bills before the judiciary committee. One wants to make chicken fighting and pit bull fighting a felony offense. I can agree with that. The other wants to make it tougher on people who abuse others, a domestic violence bill. As of right now, domestic violence is a misdemenor. No doubt the domestic violence bill may need some work, it has to be much more involved than a bill that prohibits animal cruelty, but this cultured politician does a terrible job of explaining any point whatsoever, calling the reporter "not very bright" and "you'll just have to live with that [the fact that you're not very bright]." Where do we get these people?! Please do NOT judge SC based on this type of politicians. I have friends in the State legislature and can't wait to here their take on it. If you stuck around to see and read the whole whing, THANKS!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Monday, April 18, 2005

On Retirement

My pastor retired after 30 years in ministry at the same church. Yesterday was his last day and I can't explain the well of emotions that were dug up. This post comes from the blog I share with my students. It may not make much sense, not knowing our church or situation, but I wanted to share none the less. On Pastor Don's Retirement: Building the Kingdom of God on earth is a HUGE task and responsibility. Pastor Don has shown me that it's best done 1 person at a time. As much as I'd love to "preach to the masses," be a part of an incredible revival movement, be swept away in a era of extraordinary evangelism, I realize God will use me to make more impact, more change, more reform, and more disciples by simply being ME. Pastor Don set the examble of loving people, no matter who, compassionately and unconditionally, listening to their hearts, sharing their joys, successes, failures, fears, regrets and sorrows. What a legacy. Trinity baptist church has a firm foundation because God used Pastor Don to show people what it means to love God and Love People. I really wish you could know Pastor Don like I do. I worked with him, saw his many hours in homes and hospitals, saw his desire to lead people to Christ, and no, he didn't even use a "method" of sharing the gospel. He just shared as God lead. There will be a HUGE void with Pastor Don's retirement, one that won't be easy to fill. The pulpit can be filled, the office can be filled, the schedule can be filled, but the care, compassion, concern, and love; that's going to be hard to fill. If you missed Sunday morning, you missed incredible WORSHIP. It was NOT all about Don, It was all about God and His Glory. If you missed the retirement banquet, you missed the honoring of a humble servant who was overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity and love. The order of the Palmetto, numerous community resolutions, recognition by leaders and friends, and even a letter from President Bush. I was amazed. Don was more than a preacher, more than a boss. He was MY Pastor. He baptised me, counseled me, helped solidify my call in the ministry, gave a great reference on my resume, married me and Kim, checked up on me through the years, and invited me back to serve beside him. He called the house about 10PM the night we found out about Kim's miscarriage and spoke words of comfort and peace. The glory of God will be seen in many years to come because of the faithfullness of this man. I could only hope I will also be found so faithful.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

You may speak.

Taxes done, You may speak. How can I help you?

Friday, April 15, 2005

Thursday, April 14, 2005


I've been in a few car accidents and in all of them, I saw it coming, tensed up, and had at least a second to react. Not this one. Here's how it went down. Easy right turn with blinker /SLAMMMM/ SLIDE / stop/ process, check for injuries. I'm ok, what about the incredibly nice person who didn't realize 2 solid objects physically CANNOT occupy the same space at the same time. My Suburban was hit from behind by a little nissan. Trashed the nissan, its airbags deployed, front end crunched. At first glance, only a minor scratched bent bumper on the suburban. Upon further driving, the suburban is out of alignment. My back hurts a little but I think it's just sore from the impact I had no idea was coming. Bottom line, I'm glad I have a suburban and the nice nissan driver has insurance.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Shout Out to Youth Pastors

I'd like to know if I have any other youth pastors who check out my site. I know of a few and have enjoyed building some good realtionships. If you are a youth pastor, leave a link. If you go to church and know your youth pastor, send them a link.

It's all in my head!

Have you ever had so many ideas, ideologies, solutions, answers, and great thought running around in you head with no way to get them out? I fear my lack of time, organization, and writing ability has severly limited my creativitiy. Add to that the fact that if someone were just to sit with me for a day and allow me the opportunity to verbally share, they would quickly get frustrated at the eclectic and choatic way at which my mind would allow them to be released. These things in my head are HUGE! But they'll get lost in the shuffle of A.D.D. and the busyness of life. I wish I had more time, creativity, words, more listeners. I think I'll work on an interview with myself. Maybe that will help.

Saturday, April 9, 2005

Wrong House?

I had to put something here to get rid of that terrible Farrah Pic. She ain't the red bathingsuit 70's beauty queen anymore. I woke up the other morning to find this in my neighbor's yard. A bad TP job. I can't help but think the wrong house got it because a single lady lives there and her house is located equally between 2 youth pastors houses. Hmmmm.

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Bad Day Off!

I don't understand why days off are so hard. I've accomplished nothing and I'm angry because of it, but isnt that what days off are supposed to be about? Accomplishing nothing? Add to that the rude conversation I had via phone with the auditors office as to why my property taxes more than tripled since last year because my house wouldn't sell so I have to rent it out, and then not getting $ in the mail that we desperately need, and we have the makings for a pretty crappy day. Yeah, pretty crappy. I guess I'm most angry because I'm angry and this is my day off. I don't want to be angry on my day off. I could have been angry at work.

Wednesday, April 6, 2005


I figured it takes me about $4 to drive to work and back each day. OK. What can we do with this. I know most of you pay a lot more, and I could do all the "save gas" things and buy a smaller car, move closer, carpool, but that's just not practical right now. What can we do as bloggers to get the govenment to do something about this? Is this really all necessary? Why aren't any politicians talking about this? If we just freed the country that has the most oil, why are we not reaping some benefits? Maybe these are stupid questions, but I want answers and solutions. Oh, BTW, this is not a bash american politics conversation. I want to know if you have real ideas and real solutions. Come on Blogosphere, let's get some things done.Posted by Hello


How do you like my new kicks. rocks. You ought to check them out. Great price on these shoes and free 2 day delivery. Up to a year to return with free shipping. I figured I'd give them a plug. About the last post: Great week. I've been real busy but have really enjoyed all the awesome friendships I realize I have. Also, my incredible wife is more beautiful than ever. Thanks for the prayers.

Monday, April 4, 2005


I'm looking forward to a new day, new week, new plans, new memories, new sunny weather. I want to learn from the pain of the past week, let it form who I am. Does this make sense? I don't want to forget pain, I want it to be apart of who I am, for the purpose of making me stronger, more comforting, more vulnerable and more grateful. OK Enough introspection. Yeah, I'm looking forward to the week. Sunny and 80 today. I think I'll do a little barefootin' today. Ah, to have a mullet like that.Posted by Hello