Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 Out With A BANG!

If I made new year resolutions, I'd resolve to blog more, but since I don't, I'll just have to make the best effort. This year escapes with some interesting tales. Kim and I took off from ATL the day after Christmas to take care of some medical matters in New Jersey. After a 4 hour delay, we finally got shoved into the cramped, miserable place we call COACH. This was never intended for a fat 6'4 individual like myself. My only relief, literally, was a trip to the closet bathroom. I didn't realize at the time I had an ear infection, but the decent from 35,000 feet certainly let me know something was wrong. The 18 year old kid texting on his cell phone mid flight scared me a little. I thought the plain crashed if someone turned on a cell phone. We made it to Newark and the warmth of our cozy hotel room. I swore to do all in my power to score some first class seats for the trip home. Two Dr. Appointments, some shopping and a movie later, we were back at Newark airport awaiting the flight home. With a little coaxing and a few dollars we were upgraded to first class. When we were seated first and had to watch the masses funnel into the lowly coach section of the plane, I started to feel sorry for them. After a few minutes of stretching and sprawling my 200 and none of your business lbs frame, my sorrow turned to relaxation. The ear infection was still there, but some funky ear plugs helped a little. Upon our arrival @ ATL, we approached the car rental counter. I had already reserved a "full size." that was a joke. A full size to me is a Suburban, not an Impala. The rental clerk asked if I wanted to upgrade to a luxury. I quickly said sure, if it's free. She said she could arrange that and in about 15 minutes, we were learning how to start an Infinity M35 without a key. This was too nice to be true. I could see how flying AND driving first class could get real easy. While driving down 285 in Atlanta, Kim and I decided to stop into McDonalds for a quick burger. Nothing else seemed to be open, so we gave it a shot at the drive-thru. After 30 seconds in the parking lot, I thought we were in a "Night of the Living Dead" movie. People of all different colors and creed were wandering aimlessly around the parking lot, approaching me for money or food. I was not accustomed to driving a $40,000 car in this environment so we decided to take our hunger elsewhere. We found another McD's about 10 miles down the road. We got home about 1AM and settled in for the night, or morning, or whatever. Our slumber was disrupted by a 300 lb woman with a cigarette ringing the doorbell at 5:30 AM wanting gas. OK, that was weird. I slept til 8 then went to the Dr. at 9, just to have him tell me "yuck," after looking in my infected ear. $60 later, I'm doped up with my antibiotics and decongestants. Other than a quick trip to the store and a 4 hour stint at church this morning, I've parked my carcass in my recliner. I think I'll stay here until the new year. So-long 2006.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Celeb Foot-N-Mouth

Michael and Mel, I don't agree with what you said, nor do I agree with the reasons you said it. But I forgive you. Go and sin no more. That Was Easy

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Prestige

Thanks to a rain postponed football game my wife and I went to see The Prestige last night. I have been anticipating this movie since I saw the preview during the very predictable and poorly written "The Illusionist." Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman are two of my favorite actors of this generation. The mystery thriller turned out to be very predictable. I figured it all out about halfway through. The opening scenes fortell the entire story line. By using three different timeline flashbacks, the story unfolded just as I expected. I was able to whisper every detail to my wife before it happened. Either I'm getting good at mystery thrillers or this one refused to challenge. Good flick, but out of 10, I have to give it a 6 because I like Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. Wait for the DVD.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I've been dealing with gallons of Phlem over the past week. The Dr. said I have Bronchitus. I would agree with all that is coming out of my mouth. I coughed up a pound of phlem and watched it splatter all over my windshield. I was really impressed. I took a day off and got on the antibiotics. Feeling a little better today. I see that blogger beta has their picture function back up. I wish I would have taken a picture of my windshield after the demon phlem had been cast out. I think it's funny cough medicine is call EXPECTORANT. So what do you really expect out of it. I actually imagine different animals like when you see funny shaped clouds. I digress. So here's my photo friday pic from last week and my former home after a fire. We were living in the home when it burned. Have yourself a Phlem Philled day!! EDIT: CURSES BLOGGER BETA!!! GET THE PICS FIXED!!!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Destruction New Orleans 9th Ward 4 months after Katrina EDIT: The new blogger beta is on crack today. No picture for Photo Friday. THANKS BLOGGER!!

Friday, October 6, 2006

Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Thin Yeah, it's Jeff with hair, a mullet actually, summer of '93. Thirteen years, a head full of hair, and 50 lbs ago.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Thought This was Funny

I got this on myspace from a former student. I thought it was funny.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Better Thank I Guessed

The University of South Carolina Gamecocks lose to Auburn... Go figure... but at least Carolina showed up, played some REAL good ball, even took it to the wire for a possible overtime bid. Didn't make it, but I am surprised they played as well as they did. My prediction before the game was USC would look like the skid mark in the drawers of Auburn. I'm glad I was wrong. A loss is a loss, but for a team very much in the building process, I'm impressed. Go Cocks.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hump Day

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I am no where CLOSE to being ready for it. WOW. Can we add another day to the week? I'll regret it later. Tomorrow is going to be BUSY!

Friday, September 22, 2006

E.R. Bombs In My Book

I love premier weeks. The only problem I anticipated was not having enough DVR's to save them all. I've dropped off the ER band wagon over the last few years, but last night I thought I'd rejoin it while I DVRed the other two new shows I really wanted to save. I remember why I stopped watching it. The band wagon crashed. This is another attempt of screen writers to bring the reality of life's worst into the forefront of every one's mind. What happened to happy endings? What happened to escapism? I guess if I really want that, I need to stick with the sitcoms. At the end of the show I was actually angry. I'm trying to get out of life's drama for a while. If your life is INCREDIBLE and you have a WONDERFUL life with NO PROBLEMS and a bed of roses and puppy dog breath to go home to, then catch up with reality by watching how real the world is in the depressing medical drama ER. If your life is already saturated with real drama, ER ain't for us. related posts Million Dollar Baby Review

Photo Friday

Photo Friday Girl. I call this small group extreme.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Kim went to the Dr. today. He told us she would have more surgeries as time went along. Not really what we wanted to here. On the way out of the Dr.'s office we found out a good griend of Kim's was killed in a car accident yesterday in Florence. I had to leave her to come to work because everyone else is off today. I don't feel like doing anything. All this is hitting me harder than I thought. Pray for Kim and the family of our friend.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New Look

Kevin told me I need to update my blog so I did. I don't know if I like the new look, but we'll try it a while. That's All.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Senseo Review

I tried out my new Senseo one cup coffee maker. After a very easy setup I powered up double pods for a frothy mug of medium blend. I'd love to say I was impressed, but I wasn't. After several combinations and about $11 in different flavored "pods" I was a little dissapointed. I tried to make my own blend with a filter and my favorite Krispy Kreme Smooth blend. Wow, did that make a mess. I think I'm going to box this bad boy back up and dump it off as a Christmas present. For now I'll stick to my Brookstone one cupper for my evening bean juice. I get to use regular coffee. It's a little slower than the Keurig, about the same as the Senseo, and a little more messy, but it sure does make a great cup of coffee.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Extreme Makeover Part 2

It's been 2 weeks since I had to mount the cattle scales and tipped them @ 305. I haven't gained any weight. Hadn't lost either. I did go to the Dr. about the A.D.D. I think I'll try some Adderall. I want to be like Ty Pennington. He's the poster child for Adult A.D.D. We'll see what happens.

Photo Friday

Photo Friday: BRIGHT

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A different perspective

I got a comment from Patrick on my last post about 9/11. He's always been great at showing different angles and perspectives. His tribute is very moving. I needed that. Kim had knee surgery yesterday so I'm playing nurse over the next 2 days. I could never match her skills or take care of her like she does me. She's doing well, able to walk already, just experiencing a good bit of soreness and pain. Thanks for all the prayers and phone calls.

Monday, September 11, 2006

My 9/11 Tribute?

Is it wrong for me not to want to see anything else today about 9/11? It's a rhetorical question so don't answer. I know it's the 5th anniversary of the event, but I don't want to hear about it today. This is nothing negative against those who have suffered more than I can imagine. I guess my problem is all of the media seeking to make a buck off of everyone's sorry. How much sad music can we play behind Matt Lauer? How many movies, shows, documentaries, and interest stories can we put on the tube to exploit people's sorrows? How many times can we re-live the grueling video and pictures of the crashes? How many more times do I have to look at those photo shopped satan faces in the smoke? My heart is with those who hurt as a result of 9/11. My prayers are with soldiers all over the world and their families. My time will be better spent staying away from the reminder that our love and compassion for a broken nation has gone beyond tribute to over-kill and exploitation. Have a nice day.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


I was diagnosed off the scale with Attention Deficit Disorder in 1998. I've been on and off medication since then. About a month ago I decided to stop taking the medication because I needed to learn to cope and make life work drug free. HOW STUPID AM I????!!!!! I've been going crazy. The problem with ADDer's is NOT that they can't pay attention. They just pay attention to EVERYTHING. Focus is NOT in my mental dictionary. Today was a prime example. I completely forgot about 2 meetings. These were not meetings I was suppose to attend, they were ones I was suppose to LEAD. I got caught off guard and if it weren't for great helpers, I would have been in deep poopy. I didn't just forget them. I forgot to put them in my calendar, outlook, and palm treo 650. I got pretty torn out of the frame. I later spoke to my leaders about the need to get back on my meds. I don't know if I'd remember more, but I just wouldn't care as much when I screw up. Needless to say, I'm scheduling Dr. appointment to get back on some medicine.

Monday, September 4, 2006

Labor Day pt. 2

Well, I went to Mom and Dad's, went by the church, picked up a lawn mower from a friend, took my lawn mower deck apart, took my wife and the dog out for a romantic handspun milkshake @ Chick-fil-A, and finished up the evening by pondering the evils of child stardom through the eyes of Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges. Ahhh, what a day off. Tomorrow its back to the grind. Thank God I LOVE my job. I hope your holiday was restful and blessed.

Labor Day

What can I do today? I don't have to go to work, I don't have any money to spend. I have some work around the yard and the house, but that's no fun. I CANNOT sit here all day. I can excersize, but only so much. I wear out after 20 minutes. No movies out, NO DVD's out. I have an entire 4 week series to work on for students, but that's considered work so I can't do that. Last night I spent an hour and a half walking around walmart just to walk out with grapes and toilet paper. So I can't do that again. WOW. I must be a boring person. I don't hunt so I can't go shoot something. All my fishing buddies are hunting. My wife isn't feeling well, so she'll probably not feel like getting out. SO WHAT AM I TO DO? Catch up on reading, re-watch my favorite movies, cut some grass and haul some trash, who knows. I'm really just posting to pass some time.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Extreme Makeover

I'm in need of an extreme makeover. Hours of sitting on my carcass and intense junkfood cravings have lead me to a realization. If I keep going on this route, I'll be in extremem trouble by the age of 40. I don't need plastic surgery. I'm a good looking bald headed man. I just need to drop about 50 lbs or more. Right now, I maintain a busy but at times inactive lifestyle. I'm active in spurts. I use to excersize, lift weights religiously, 7 days a week @ 5AM. I think I'll stay away from the weights. It all turns to flab if you don't keep it up. It's getting cooler, i have a lot to keep me busy, I'm up early enough to get in a mile of walking to start off. I'm to the point that any change has to be a positive one. I'm determined. THEN WHY AM I SITTING HERE BLOGGING? It's a lot earsier to talk about change than to be a part of it. Life Lesson that hits home in a lot of areas. I'm going walking! Later That Morning... So I walked a mile, ate a piece of p-nut butter toast, drank another cup of coffee and weighed. The scales it is...first time ever published... 305!! My goal is 250. Got a long way to go Porky! I've got to quit watching Celebrity Fit Club.

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Opening night for the Carolina Gamecocks against Mississippi State on ESPN @ 8PM. GO COCKS! USC Wins 15-0.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fantasy Football Anyone?

I just finished my fantasy football draft through Fox Fantasy. I have no idea how I did. I tried to pick top players, but when it comes to football, eh, I ain't got it. QB - Peyton Manning & Donovan McNabb RB - Thomas Jones & Tatum Bell WR - Joe Horn, Chris Chambers, Joe Jurevicius TE - Todd Heap K - Shayne Graham Defense - Chicago. How did I do? Any Ideas?

Where's his belly button

I watched 4 hours of the KYLE XY Marathon and finished up with the season finale. It wasn't a bad show seeing that I heard about it for the first time this past Sunday when one of my students asked why Kyle didn't have a belly button right in the middle of my lesson. I had to look into it and found it on last night after work. I liked it. Good show. A family that works together and a father that's respected by his kids. Generosity, values, kindness, team work, giving the bad kid a second chance, the typical blond bombshell slut wannabe, and even the pure virgin who gets confirmed in her catholic church and pledges abstinence until marriage. I tunes has the whole season. I likes what I saw.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

What to do On Your Day Off

Fridays off is a welcome concept. I spent yesterday doing absolutely nothing productive. I went to see Snakes on a Plane. WOW. If I'd paid more than $4, I'd have been ticked, but hey, nothing better to do. This morning I woke up at my normal before 7AM. I decided to take out some trash and go see mom and dad. The highlight of my day so far is buying Dad a new laptop. I love spending other people's money. I wonder if I could make a living at that. I really need to be cutting grass, but RV is on, so I'll put it off as long as possible. Friends coming over tonight and so will end a wonderful weekend for Jeff.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Don't Marry A Career Woman

I'm kicked back in the recliner, sipping coffee, enjoying my morning off, surfing on these 30 second per blog traffic grabbers, and vaguely listening to the Today Show. I just heard about a Forbes article that included an opinion of a web writer who had told men not to marry career women. According to the Today Show, women ALL OVER AMERICA are OUTRAGED! It's a kick back to the 50's! According to one woman, every time women advance, MEN, STINKIN' MEN, try to hold them back. Forbes pulled the article and re-inserted it next to another article by a happily married career woman. WHO CARES???!!!!! Why is the written opinion of one man news worthy? Slow news day? Can't report any more death, dismemberment, Tom Cruise Blues? WHO CARES???!!!!!! Why has it outraged so many working women? Nothing else to do? Worried about pink slips from pig male bosses? At least it will cut down on the nerdy guy in the mail room stalking you, RIGHT? WHO CARES!!!???? This adds to my disdain for all the local and national news asking for "YOUR OPINION" through polls and phone calls. If I want your opinion, I'll ask you, but mostly, I don't care. I hope the feeling is mutual. Have a nice day!

Photo Friday

Photo Friday - Circle

Thursday, August 24, 2006

One Cuppers

Senseo is sending me a one cup coffee maker. I've not been a big fan of one cuppers because I drink way too much and the "pods" are fairly expensive, but I've seen a good need for it lately. A quick cup on the way out of the house or just one cup at night. I usually throw away much more coffee than I drink, so this will be a welcome change. Rick got me hooked on the one cupper with his Keurig machine. I'm looking forward to comparing the two.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Me Negative?

Kim informed me I was negative yesterday. She was basing her assumption on some key events that happened this past week. What do YOU call a 75 year old man riding a bicycle in the middle of the lane of a major two lane road during rush hour? What do you call an incompetent drive through worker who tells you "please pull up and wait" just for a drink? What do you call the person who decided that starbucks coffee needed a "citrus" taste? IT'S COFFEE, NOT ORANGE JUICE!! I call them IDIOTS! I did call a guy a jerk for taking a parking place that was his anyway and because of recent road work and traffic delays I did rename the Lake Murray Damn the Lake Murray Da@%*! That was uncalled for BUT THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT! I don't think I'm getting negative. People are just getting more STUPID. Wow, I'm glad that's off my chest. Have a nice day!

Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm Back!!

After a stint at typepad, I decided to come back home to blogger. Hopefully they have fixed the bugs. I'm looking forward to posting more over the coming months. Stay Tuned!

Photo Friday

FRIENDS So I copied Rick. I'm Back.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Home for the Blog

I'm trying out a new home for the blog again. I'll see how I like it. Come and see.

Friday, January 6, 2006

I got the Garth Brooks Box set for Christmas and I finally sat down to watch the all access DVD yesterday. I never thought I could actually say something like this, but it was a very moving experience. I've always been a fan, but I didn't know why. I was in college as a music major when my general thought was if music wasn't complicated and old school it was just junk. I thought it didn't take much talent to put out 99% of the music in airplay, but I was always drawn to Garth. Maybe it was his wild concert horseplay, or the passion in his songs. Maybe it was the break in his voice, or the fact that something made him cry in every interview. Maybe he showed me music was fun and exciting, no matter what the genre. It was for the people, by the people, not stuck up in some conservatory. As I grew out of my classical training, I enjoyed him all the more. I remember listening to Double Live @ 4AM in the car on the way to seminary each week and thinking, "This may not be pure and holy, but it sure is fun." I'd sing "Ain't going down til the sun comes up" at the top of my lungs and dream of entertaining thousands. Not for the popularity or fame, but for the fun. Yesterday as I watched the concert footage on the dvd, I got goosebumps. As a former performer, I remember the passion involved in bearing your soul to others in the hopes they would "get it." Well, I got it. I'll never chase my whiskey with beer with friends in low places, nor will I ever sit on the beach with two pina coladas, nor will I EVER become a part of the American Honkeytonk Bar Association. I'll never ride a bull or work on the farm of a middle age woman with whom I'll share intamate moments. I'll never encourage one of my kids to stay out all night, partying til the sun comes up. But I'll sing the songs at the top of my lungs and admire a man who mad it all fun. Garth seems to have grown up a little. He has put his priorities on his family for the time being. I admire that even more. Good Career, good retirement, good box set.

Monday, January 2, 2006


Check out the State Newspaper Article Several months ago we started planning a mission trip to New Orleans. After much planning, replanning, recalculating, and flexibility, we are back. After sleeping on a gym floor with 90 other people, you'd think my own bed would provide a solid 14 hrs of good sleep. NOPE. I was wide awake @ 5am. I figured it was a good time to wash some clothes, answer some emails, DRINK SOME COFFEE, and blog a little. A group of our students and adults worked on this house. You can see the water line. The owner is a man named John. He had been coming back for months tring to clean what he could. Our crew helped him gut the house. They stripped it to the studs, bleached it down and removed the wondows. Hopefully, it will dry out but most likely even the stud work will have to be replaced. John lost everything. He told our crew to throw it all away, he was starting new. After the first day, he shook my hand and with a tear in his eye said, "It's going to be alright." After losing ALL he had, he found hope not from a group of students, but from Christ who gives more hope than we can ever imagine. We also partnered with Celebration Church to help with their relief center. Since the hurricane, thousands have come to receive a hot meal, groceries and clothes. The first 3 days were spent reorganising the tents, restocking the warehouse and filling the tents with all kinds of relief materials. The last day was the re-opening of the center and it was amazing. We met so many people and each had a story of devestation, but each saw a hope that only God could give. This hope didn't come from food our clothing. It came from God and His holy Spirit. It came from his people. We helped repair sheetrock and built staging for the school at Celebration Church. We helped feed relief workers and will hopefully be able to send back some money for some equipment to be used by the Student ministry. We met new people from Maryland, Canado, California and Texas all coming together for the same purpose. Several months ago I realized this trip would be an eye opening experience for our students. Little did I know how much it would do for me. I saw the best in people, and I saw the worst as well. Even our own adults had struggles with each other. When you keep close quarters for a week, tension and emotions get stretched and worked. Blow-ups happen and hopefully community is strengthened by the forgiveness and re-evaluation of our own faults and triggers. But the people of the Gulf Coast have my heart. They have overcome SO much and still have much more to deal with. I'll post some more pictures later, but to see this devestation, read the orange numbers on the houses that represents lives lost, and seeing the faces that still have hope, it all has made me very thankful and aware of how I take advantage of my circumstances. I want to see all my possessions as a gift from God, something to be thankful for and to use for His glory. I don't want to hold on so tightly to "stuff" that I fail to realize why I exsist. To Love God and Love my neighbor. We fould some new neighbors in New Orleans.