Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Something In the Air

No, it's not the feel of Christmas nor the pungent odor of Jeff's flagulence, at least not yet. It's more than that. In SC, the weather is hot and rainy. Days are shorter and things aren't as joyous as you'd expect. It reeks havoc on those who deal with mental illness. So many factors play into mental health and for the majority, overcoming circumstances that aren't "pleasant" may be tough but do-able. For many others, that just isn't the case. I've been told that brain chemicals have a lot to do with one's mental state and at times, the misfiring of electric impulses sends mixed signals to the pleasure and problem solving centers of the brain. Sounds reasonable. Instead of joy, one feels loneliness, instead of unconditional love, one feels a need to perform up to self inspired standards of performance. It heightens a sensation from over achieving and euphoria to deep depression. Where is this coming from? I have a wife who suffers from Bipolar disorder. After many doctors and medication, we've come to a semi-normal (if there really is such a thing) state that enables her to enjoy a fairly good quality of life. Weather and time changes play a big part in her mental well being and I seem to see more and more depression in people I care about. Right now, My wife is doing ok, but many others are not. We're not talking about "just snap out of it" or "have more faith" or "You're too blessed to be depressed." I AIN'T goin' there. This type of mental hardship is only hightened by circumstances, not caused by them. If you happen across this blog and are stuggling with depression, anxiety, or mania, feel free to leave a comment. I've found blogging to be very theraputic to some.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Tryin something new

I'm going to try typepad for a month, see how I like it. Check out the new blog.

Friday, November 25, 2005

wide awake

I could not sleep last night. I've had several nights in the last week like this. Racing mind, weird dreams, but last night I decided to just stay up. Kim was wide awake as well so we made an interesting trip to walmart @ 1am. The only reason it was unusual was b/c we haven't done the 1 am walmart trip since college. 24 hr walmart to a college student is AMAZING even when you don't have money. Everything was normal last night. Almost every employee was getting ready for the sale that was to take place a few hours ago. I really wanted the new Garth Brooks Box set. they weren't out yet. We got home around 2. Kim stayed up to meet her mom on the shopping spree before daylight, I watched vh1 child stars until I finally fell asleep. Kim got home from the mad thanksgiving rush a while ago. KMart, Walmart, and Kohl's. She said it really wasnt that bad. Kohl's was the worst. She even went back to Walmart to get something mom couldn't find across town. I asked if she saw any good fights. No dice. Everybody was nice and kind. I remember being very young in Covington Georgia. We were visiting my grandmother and walmart was NEW. I saw to old ladies fighting over a cabbage patch kid. They were punching, pulling and scratching. Ever since that traumatic event, I have been terrified of shopping on the day after thanksgiving. At least that's my excuse. I have a lot of things that need to be done today, but as for now, I'll sit in the reciner with peppy, watch some DVR-ed tv and finish my coffee. Chores will wait.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


It's been a really tough few weeks. Late nights, little time with my wife, a lot of stress, work and personal. It was nice to leave it all behind today. We went to Dad's about 9:30, fried a turkey, visited and ate til my tummy screamed for mercy. More visiting and home for a quick nap. We left to go to the inlaws for more food. I've got a new brother-in-law. A welcome addition to the holiday. I can't help but think about what I'm thankful for. So much. It has made for a relaxing and restful day. I'm off tomorrow and I have a million things to catch up on. Yard work, shed cleaning, car cleaning and much more. Tonight, I'll watch some tv and remember a day to be thankful for.

Monday, November 21, 2005


"I'll be honest with you. I don't know how honest I can be with you." - Nicole Kidman in The Interpreter

Friday, November 4, 2005

Jarhead Review

Ah Jarhead. What a loser. I'm glad I went to the matinee. This was definately NOT what I call a "War" movie. I really need to watch some John Wayne or something. It will probably win all kinds of awards since films are moving to this no ending, real life, find meaning in the mundane kind of genre. Well, I think it sucks. Give me Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, NARNIA!!! The best part of the movie was Jamie Foxx saying, "oo-rah." Yep, saw that on the preview. Save your money. If you must see it, wait for the dvd, rent it, and see how long you watch. My rating of Jarhead: ah-looooooo-zerrrrrrr. oo-rah.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Thursday Top Five

from Rick Top Five Favorite Movies 5. Christmas Story 4. Sixth Sense 3. To Kill a Mocking Bird 2. Braveheart 1. TOMBSTONE