Thursday, March 31, 2005

Blogger is Sucking BIG TIME.

Man, what's the problem with Blogger lately. Server issues or something. I just got use to blogger, just got my site the way I wanted, figured out all the html crap. I can't imagine starting over. Does anyone know anything better as far as free blog hosting?

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I need med-i-ca-tion! Repost

I wanted to re-post this for a little bit of a lighter note. Kim, my wife, is doing as well as can be expected. We appreciate all the thoughts, comments and prayers. If Jim S. could email me, I'd like to know where you're from and hook up with a brother YP from SC. This is from yesterday morning. Tuesday: Ahhhh, spring and it's going to be beautiful today. Sunny and 78. I like it. Something in my life is about to change. After 3 months of non-medicated A.D.D., Yes, Jeff is about to become re-medicated. In a last dich effort to preserve my original thoughts, I've tracked my brain process oer the last 15 minutes as I get ready for the day. Here it is. Ooh, i need to take a shower, don't wake up kim. ahh nice new towels. I am so glad we had company last week so we could get new fluffy towels, oh my, what is the thread count on these things, sweet, oh, uh, shower. WATER COLD!!!!!! gotta give it time to warm up, man that's a nice towel, ah, coffee while water is warming up, what does my day hold? what am I doing? oh yeah, coffee, shower, ahhhhhhh water hot. FINISH SHOWER: Man I love this towel, and the coffee is great. What kind of coffee is this? oh yeah, caramel nut, mixed with regular. I bet this would be great with some of that creamer stuff, man, I LOVE this towel. When did I last shave? Sunday? oh, I need to shave. Gotta wait for the mirror to unfog, think I'll get more coffee. Ooh, what am I going to wear today, SHORTS! SWEET. I think I'll post my brain process on my xanga, oh yeah, I got some new medicine for my A.D.D. I think I NEEEEED it. What to drink, ahhhh my coffee. OUCH! HOT! I just poured it. Dasani in the fridge, that new Dasani commercial about the salmon spawning is funny, better. When does this stuff kick in? I think I'll post to my blog about my messed up brain. PRESENT. I've spent the last 3.5 minutes writing, now, what am i doing, oh yeah, need to shave and get back to that killer towel. For those who followed all this, you need some serious help.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dare I post this?

I wrote the following post this morning after a rough night: 8:20AM
I dare not post this live, I’ll wait for an outcome, then pray to release or not.

My wife Kim is 11 weeks pregnant. She started spotting last night and we are scared. In 1999 the same thing happened, about the same time, and we lost the baby.

We’ve been married for 11 years and have been through a barrage of crap and hardships. Kim is bipolar and it took us about 8 years to figure that out. Financial woes and bad decisions have plagued our marriage and it has done A LOT to make us strong. We are more in love today than ever before.

Things have been going fairly well lately and when we found out about the pregnancy my first instinct was not to tell anybody until after the first trimester. I wanted to make sure this was going to happen. From the first experience I saw what happens during a miscarriage.

Some don’t get the message and keep asking how far along you are. Some who do find out ask for the next year, “So, how are you doing? Are you ok?” This only brings up more feelings of hurt and pain. Others say things like, “God is in control.” Or “You never know what could have happened, the baby may have had a birth defect, God knows what He’s doing, just trust Him.” OK, that’s supposed to make me and Kim go, “AHHH Sweet! Yeah, that’s it! God knows best. We’re COOL with that. Let’s go get a latte!”

Add all this to the fact that it is a major loss of life to us. We’ve been waiting on this.

Right now, I don’t know whether to hope, prepare, cry (done a little of that already) or just wait. I do know I have PRAYED. I pray for health and safety. I’m not praying for God’s will, I’m praying God will make His will that this baby will be OK. I’m thinking, “God, come on, make this happen. Why do we have to go through this again?”

I know all the answers, but sometimes knowledge isn’t enough. I need a God of relationship who can hold me when I cry and say just what I need to hear. I need God who will comfort my hurting, crying wife who feels it is somehow her fault.

Whatever the outcome, I have no idea if I will ever post this. I’m not writing to teach, rant, rave, and emotionally unload. This is life. Sometimes it sucks and sometimes it’s great. I just hope this one turns out great.

*Current: We just got back from the Dr. and Kim miscarried. We're going back this afternoon for the DNC. If you pray, please do so for us, especially for Kim.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Pick a side you idiot!

All over the blogosphere and on the news, people are taking sides on Terry Shiavo. Can I feel sorry for both sides? Does one side have to become evil? Do I have to criticize government officials and get arrested to make a stand? Do I have to post hatred on my blog to get a point across? I am amazed how both sides are so animate and hateful. I believe in life. I don't like hate. That's all I've got to say about it.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Funny Sign

As I was getting my pregnant wife some icecream, she saw the Publix sign. It was dark and the sign was all lit up except for the "L". You do the math.

I Want a New Car. Why?

I've been watching all the morning news shows talk about car show. It makes me want a new car. When I make this confession it wells up a number of emotions in my tired brain. I have a great car. a '96 GMC Suburban. It's fixed, drives great, SOOOO comfortable. I don't need a new car. Is it greed? Trying to keep up with the Jones'? Covetness? I don't know. I won't get a new car, not because I'll realize I don't need it, but because I can't afford it. And if I could, I'd spend the $ somewhere else. The Tahoe above is over $40,000. So, since I can't have one, here's my take on the new car trends (like you really care about my opinion). Hybrids: Good concept, but are they really as good as they let on. I REALLLLLYYYYY want good gas mileage, but I don't want to give up my towing capactiy and POWER. Does anybody know how much horsepower these things have? Will they keep speed going up hill? I have to admit, they are looking better. These new "boxy" cars: Come on guys. They're ugly. My last pair of shoes (size 15) came in a box bigger than that. Passing Fad. HORSEPOWER and the BIGGER THE BETTER: I can't understand why the insurgence of BIG SUV's and muscle cars. Gas is over $2 per gallon. I hate getting 15 mpg. Do these newer cars get better mileage? Oh, BTW, is anybody doing anything about the gas prices. We freed the fricken country with the biggest oil production in the world. GIVE US SOME GAS!!! During the election I made it clear I'd vote for my 85 yr old grandmother if she could get gas back to $1 per gallon...sorry, A.D.D. post moment. eh', bottom line, I like my cars. I think I'll keep what we've got. I'll get hyped by the flash and sizzle, bells and whistles of the new EXPENSIVE cars, then I'll get in my own, drive to walmart, buy a bobble head chihuahua and put it on the dash of my '96 suburban. Have a great day.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My View of God?

Over the course of my short life, my perception of God has changed tremendously. I remember being 11 yrs old and thinking of God as the one who would save me from the boogie man. I heard all the schpeals and prayed the prayer, got dunked, eh, no change. About a year later, I EXPERIENCED God. I can't explain how or why, I only know i was cutting up in church and without hearing anything the preacher was saying, I was compelled to get things right. No guilt, no coaxing, no trickery on the part of my leaders. It was out of the blue. I spent my teen years going through the struggles teen boys deal with. Half of my life trying to fit it, the other half feeling guilty for what i did, the other half (yeah, I know, 3 halves, get over it) trying to make sense of faith and God while trying to live for Him. Off to College, He becomes loving, compassionate, crying over lost souls. More College, He becomes intimate, much more of a lover relationship. Intimacy with God takes on a whole new meaning. Ministry, God is practical. Seminary, God is Soverign and becomes more harsh. Old Testemant shows God as one who punishes those who turn from him. Calvinism actually makes sense. Hmmm. (I didn't say I went along with it). In the last 5 years, yeah, God has a plan for my life, but how do I reconcile this to ALL I know of Him. NOW, I have another stage of life to face, and there is no doubt my perception will change again. The next stage, Daddy. Is God Loving? Compassionate? Wrathful? Vengeful? All KNowing? intimately pursuing us? ultimately in control? Disciplining us? Yes. Here's how I break down the relationship in comparison. Father - Child Shepherd - Sheep Teacher - Student PRINCIPLE - student Big Brother - Little Brother Friend -Friend Mentor - Apprentice Best Friend Offended Friend Judge - guilty criminal Husband - wife Intimate Lover Distant Aquaintance Master - Slave Forgiving Daddy - Baby God, use what you've allowed me to experience in life and what I know in your word, to show me YOU. The Real You, not formed by my own perceptions.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dr. Phil Vs. The Osbourne's

Vs. I can't wait to see this. Monday, March 21, Dr. Phil is talking to the Osbournes. This outta be good.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Best Movie Lines

I Need some help and this could be interesting. I want to post the top 10 movie lines of all time according to bloggers. Any movie, just keep it clean. Leave a comment with the line, charactar or actor, and the movie it came from. I'll start it off. "You can't handle the truth!" Jack Nicholson in "A Few Good Men" Afterthought: Just saw this on Bono and a new clothing line. I can't afford it, but if I could, I'd buy it. Read why.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Two True One Lie

I got this idea from Cousin Eddie. You give three statement about yourself, 2 true, 1 lie, and let the masses figure out which one is a lie. After you guess mine, feel free to play on your site linking the person before you. Have Fun Here's mine 1. I went to school to be an opera singer 2. I am part owner of a Krispy Kreme. 3. I'm going to be a daddy

Saturday, March 12, 2005

NOT a good day!

Posted by Hello Without going into details,I just know A.D.D. sucks. I was diagnosed back in 99 as an adult and have maintained a fairly normal life without too much medication, but after today, I see how much I hate it. Multi-tasking is the hardest. Over the past several months I turned a spare bedroom into a walk-in closet (not on purpose). Eventually, there was no walking in. Junk all over the place from christmas, ski trips, stuff i didn't want to take out to the storage room. Company is coming next weekend so I attempted to clean it up without shoving it all back into the closet. 4 huge totes, 7 bags of clothes to go to Goodwill, and 4 big trashcans later, I'm still not done and have succeeded in messing up the other spare bedroom in the process. Eh, maybe it's a little better. TODAY, A.D.D. = overwhelmed, frustrated, irritated and upset wife. Nothing a trip to walmart and a little SNL can't handle.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Faces Posted by Hello Two days after I forgot to wear my helmet.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Not Me!

My brother found this and called it my new extreme sport. I Promise, it's not me. I do think I can get one more trip in before the spring, but I think I'll stay out of the trees.

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite.

I would love to meet the marketing genius behind this film. Everywhere I go, students are going crazy over this movie. Click the pic and have some fun. Pass it on to a teen you know. They'll love it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Numa Numa Dance

I know this has been ALL OVER THE PLACE, but just in case you have a co-worker who hasn't seen it yet. Click the Pic and have fun. This one hasn't been tainted by all those stupid pics.

Monday, March 7, 2005

Get Vonage with 1 free month

We've had vonage for a month and we love it. $24.99 gives it all, free long distance, voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID and you may be able to keep your old number. You need to have a broadband internet connection. If you want a free month, email me for a referal.

Little Dippers @ Shoney's

My wife and I went to Shoney's for Breakfast Saturday Morning. It's really the only meal I'll eat there. Most of the food tastes flash-frozen and processed. Not very appealing, but it's hard to mess up breakfast. It appears that the establishment is trying to save $ by limiting the amount of food you get from the breakfast buffet and increasing the amount of time it takes to get it. How are they doing this you ask? With little dippers. It took 5 dips just to get 1/2 a serving of eggs. I dealt with it fine until I had to wait for the 400lb woman in front of me to get her food as well as fill the plates for her 2 ill mannered kids. I say BIGGER DIPPERS, or I'm going to Waffle House.

Friday, March 4, 2005

Photo Friday: Obsession Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Now I can Get Excited

Follow-up from a previous post that probably made NO sense at all call "Can I Get Excited Yet" We found out last week that My wife, Kim, is pregnant. Yup, after almost 11 years of marriage, I'm gonna be a daddy. I'm real excited. My first post was from the shock of it all. Kim had a miscarrage about 5 years ago and we thought it wouldn't be possible to conceive because of some medical problems. Well, we were wrong. I know it's REAL early in the game, not even 2 months yet, but I want to be excited. If you pray, lift one up for us. If you don't pray, wish us well and think about praying. THANKS.

This is Funny

Got this from statedog's other blog. Made me laugh.

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Oh Yeah, I got it.

I Finally got my Dell Inspiron 6000 Laptop. Other than a few wireless card problems Dell fixed REALLY quick, I've enjoyed getting use to it. For all the wonderful comments on why I should have gotten an Apple, Thanks for the input. I would have followed your advice but my network at work is windows based ad I don't see them changing any time soon. I know the plusses of Apple, but this one will ahve to do for now. I got it all for under $900 after rebates. Thanks Dell for all the help. I plan on posting some other great news tomorrow. L8ah