Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The NOT Blogger

Rick says I don't blog enough. He's right. Jack Bauer is the REAL Monday night hero. NBC has failed to provide quality entertainment. I think I'll just Tivo the last 5 minutes of HEROES. That's the only time anything actually happens. 24 on the other hand, WOW, non-stop action. I'm a newbie to 24. I took on last season via i-tunes and was hooked. This season does not disappoint. Jack Kicks Hiro's butt!

Monday, January 15, 2007

"Shot of WHAT Day?"

So this is the "Shot of the Day" at winterplace.com. It has been on the site for the last several days. If I were planning a ski trip, I would seriously consider going to the BEAUTIFUL winter wonderland. I actually had the chance to go skiing this past weekend with a church youth group. I've been looking forward to it for weeks. I am very sad to report that what we actually experienced is from my photo below.

If you will look at the left of the REAL PHOTO, it is the exact same slope as the BEAUTIFUL Shot of the day.

Winterplace is very convenient for church groups because they are so accessible from interstate and rarely have major travel problems. This pass weekend and Presidents weekend are probably the 2 biggest of the season. Now, granted, it has been Summer time for most of the month of January in the east, but Winterplace would have you think they have the ability to create a winter wonderland. As a youth minister who desires integrity and longs to work with organizations who do the same, I have difficulty with the fake "shot of the day." Come on Winterplace. Get a web cam, take a REAL picture, stop misleading, and show some reality. This post will probably not find its way to a REAL Winterplace exec. I wonder if the higher ups even see the site. At least the NC mountains have up to date web cams. I think I'll visit them in the future.