Saturday, February 5, 2005

Photo Friday Left Overs

I'm going to leave up photo friday even though I'm almost sure you're really not impressed with my ugly mug. I just got done watching The Order. I'm now watching Flatliners. The question seems to be what part does death hold for us. This is not a morbid post, but one I want to spend more time with. I'll add to it later. Right now, I'm going to enjoy the movie. l8r Phot Friday: Distorted Posted by Hello Take the Photo Friday Challenge! Click Here.


Rick said...


i thought the friday challenge was "distorted" - my bad.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jay,
I hope you enjoyed flatliners. I haven't seen it in years.But I thought it was a wonderful movie. Last night I told my sister about it,she is renting it tonight.
Carol Scibelli

Carol Scibelli said...

So strange - saw a comment by Carol Scibelli and I had no idea I commented...then, I realized I'm not going senile...another Carol Scibelli...who would have thunk it?
I love the blinking photo on the right hand side...if you have a moment please let me know where I could get something like that for my site...come visit me at
Best to you,