Saturday, February 5, 2005

I Like It!

Check this out. Posted by Hello email me for a free month. I am IMPRESSED with Vonage internet phone service. I ordered Wednesday and had my equipment by Saturday. Here's what they offer. $24.99 - unlimited local and long distance calling Caller ID Call Waiting Voicemail Call forwarding 3-way calling 911 access, and more. I'm currently paying almost $50 for all of this through my local phone company without the long distance. There is also an option to forward to a cell phone if your internet goes out. If you are interested in a free month of service, email me and I can send a referral. They actually give you your second month free. Give it a try.


PA said...

Been intruiged by it but we just decided to ditch home phones altogether for cells.

Rudy said...

aye this sounds good, especially the forwarding to a cell phone option --- your brother Rick told me about this post... i think i'm about to do it!