Tuesday, February 8, 2005

No Name Post

It's amazing how communication works. Email, cell phones, memos. But none quite get the point across like a face to face conversation. I'm a student of people. I love to see actions and reactions. I love to watch when they aren't trying to impress anybody. I love to hear vocal inflections, see facial expressions, look people in the eye. It's a lot harder to fool someone that way. It's a lot harder to hide behind formality. I remember going to Promise Keepers in Atlanta in 96. Jack Hayford started off his talk in front of 60,000 men with a very simple statement. Something along the lines of, "Imagine we've known each other for years and we're sitting down at the breakfast table, drinking coffee and havng a heart to heart talk." He had me at the coffee part. No, he really had me at the heart to heart part. I found out yesterday that a lot of doubts and misconceptions are cleared up face to face. In a technological world, we need face to face. Keep it real. l8r

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