Saturday, September 2, 2006

Extreme Makeover

I'm in need of an extreme makeover. Hours of sitting on my carcass and intense junkfood cravings have lead me to a realization. If I keep going on this route, I'll be in extremem trouble by the age of 40. I don't need plastic surgery. I'm a good looking bald headed man. I just need to drop about 50 lbs or more. Right now, I maintain a busy but at times inactive lifestyle. I'm active in spurts. I use to excersize, lift weights religiously, 7 days a week @ 5AM. I think I'll stay away from the weights. It all turns to flab if you don't keep it up. It's getting cooler, i have a lot to keep me busy, I'm up early enough to get in a mile of walking to start off. I'm to the point that any change has to be a positive one. I'm determined. THEN WHY AM I SITTING HERE BLOGGING? It's a lot earsier to talk about change than to be a part of it. Life Lesson that hits home in a lot of areas. I'm going walking! Later That Morning... So I walked a mile, ate a piece of p-nut butter toast, drank another cup of coffee and weighed. The scales it is...first time ever published... 305!! My goal is 250. Got a long way to go Porky! I've got to quit watching Celebrity Fit Club.

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Stephen Tiano said...

Good for you, man. I'm 52. One day a year or so ago I woke up about 40 pounds overweight. I jog 1-3 miles 2-5 times a week. Doesn't seem to help, except how much worse would it be without the exercise? And I feel ike I'd need to eat flea-sized portions to make a diff with intake, but it's important to fight it ...

Better luck to you than I've had so far.

Steve Tiano
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