Sunday, August 20, 2006

Me Negative?

Kim informed me I was negative yesterday. She was basing her assumption on some key events that happened this past week. What do YOU call a 75 year old man riding a bicycle in the middle of the lane of a major two lane road during rush hour? What do you call an incompetent drive through worker who tells you "please pull up and wait" just for a drink? What do you call the person who decided that starbucks coffee needed a "citrus" taste? IT'S COFFEE, NOT ORANGE JUICE!! I call them IDIOTS! I did call a guy a jerk for taking a parking place that was his anyway and because of recent road work and traffic delays I did rename the Lake Murray Damn the Lake Murray Da@%*! That was uncalled for BUT THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT! I don't think I'm getting negative. People are just getting more STUPID. Wow, I'm glad that's off my chest. Have a nice day!

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Rick said...

From the look of your profile photo, you could probably use a little more citrus in your caffeine. Or in your decaf.