Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A different perspective

I got a comment from Patrick on my last post about 9/11. He's always been great at showing different angles and perspectives. His tribute is very moving. I needed that. Kim had knee surgery yesterday so I'm playing nurse over the next 2 days. I could never match her skills or take care of her like she does me. She's doing well, able to walk already, just experiencing a good bit of soreness and pain. Thanks for all the prayers and phone calls.


Patrick said...

Thanks for the plug and for the kind words, Jeff.

Glad to hear that Kim is doing well. I'm sure you'll do fine with taking good care of her.

Kevin Massey said...

Hey Jeff,
Just wanted to let you know You & Kim are in my prayers, and you need to update your site. I finally gave in and started on too Check it out sometime.