Saturday, September 16, 2006

Senseo Review

I tried out my new Senseo one cup coffee maker. After a very easy setup I powered up double pods for a frothy mug of medium blend. I'd love to say I was impressed, but I wasn't. After several combinations and about $11 in different flavored "pods" I was a little dissapointed. I tried to make my own blend with a filter and my favorite Krispy Kreme Smooth blend. Wow, did that make a mess. I think I'm going to box this bad boy back up and dump it off as a Christmas present. For now I'll stick to my Brookstone one cupper for my evening bean juice. I get to use regular coffee. It's a little slower than the Keurig, about the same as the Senseo, and a little more messy, but it sure does make a great cup of coffee.


Mandy said...

I bought my Senseo a couple of years ago and at first I was quite impressed. Now I'm just used to it, and use it as a convenience contraption.

Mandy :=)

Coca Blog said...

i used to have a 1 cup coffee maker but i noticed i had to to alot more work because i was a bigger coffee drinker than i thought... i drink about 20 cups a day (seriously) and it was just way too much work. i like to mix coca leaves with my starbucks to get an extra kick... i'm one of those types that has to have coffee to get going but i don't stop at 2 cups like everyone else... in my opinion, these one cup makers are for the new coffee drinkers only. then they figure they love the stuff and one cup isn't enough... the problem is that i have to get up to relieve myself every 20 minutes or so... lol!