Saturday, March 12, 2005

NOT a good day!

Posted by Hello Without going into details,I just know A.D.D. sucks. I was diagnosed back in 99 as an adult and have maintained a fairly normal life without too much medication, but after today, I see how much I hate it. Multi-tasking is the hardest. Over the past several months I turned a spare bedroom into a walk-in closet (not on purpose). Eventually, there was no walking in. Junk all over the place from christmas, ski trips, stuff i didn't want to take out to the storage room. Company is coming next weekend so I attempted to clean it up without shoving it all back into the closet. 4 huge totes, 7 bags of clothes to go to Goodwill, and 4 big trashcans later, I'm still not done and have succeeded in messing up the other spare bedroom in the process. Eh, maybe it's a little better. TODAY, A.D.D. = overwhelmed, frustrated, irritated and upset wife. Nothing a trip to walmart and a little SNL can't handle.

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Steve said...

Well, did you ever try therapy as opposed to medication? I know some people with ADD and a lot of them take medication. But one person tried the permanent approach and went to a therapist, who taught him how to push out distracting thoughts and concentrate on things. He's improved a great deal.

Like with depression, medication only cures the symptoms, not solves the problem.

Might want to check it out,

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