Monday, March 7, 2005

Little Dippers @ Shoney's

My wife and I went to Shoney's for Breakfast Saturday Morning. It's really the only meal I'll eat there. Most of the food tastes flash-frozen and processed. Not very appealing, but it's hard to mess up breakfast. It appears that the establishment is trying to save $ by limiting the amount of food you get from the breakfast buffet and increasing the amount of time it takes to get it. How are they doing this you ask? With little dippers. It took 5 dips just to get 1/2 a serving of eggs. I dealt with it fine until I had to wait for the 400lb woman in front of me to get her food as well as fill the plates for her 2 ill mannered kids. I say BIGGER DIPPERS, or I'm going to Waffle House.


GuusjeM said...

Have you noticed how many wide bodies one sees at all you can eat places? We have a Chinese Buffet on almost every corner in Houston - in fact they actually Chinese/Mexican all you can eat places and I swear I know where Houston gets it's reputation as the nations fattest city.

Scott said...

Maybe they are just trying to get people to eat less so they don't get fat - so they don't get sued. Either way it's just too save money. If a business ever did anything just because it is the right thing to do it would be a big surprise.