Monday, March 14, 2005

Two True One Lie

I got this idea from Cousin Eddie. You give three statement about yourself, 2 true, 1 lie, and let the masses figure out which one is a lie. After you guess mine, feel free to play on your site linking the person before you. Have Fun Here's mine 1. I went to school to be an opera singer 2. I am part owner of a Krispy Kreme. 3. I'm going to be a daddy


Eddie said... the lie that you trained to be an opera singer?

Anonymous said...

i'm going with the lie is that you are part owner of krispy kreme (though i'm sure you wouldn't mind)-and you're most excited about being a daddy-Rebecca

Rick said...

so hoping it's the KK ownership.

Anonymous said...

im goin with becca on this one and congrats on being a daddy. Debbie