Saturday, March 26, 2005

I Want a New Car. Why?

I've been watching all the morning news shows talk about car show. It makes me want a new car. When I make this confession it wells up a number of emotions in my tired brain. I have a great car. a '96 GMC Suburban. It's fixed, drives great, SOOOO comfortable. I don't need a new car. Is it greed? Trying to keep up with the Jones'? Covetness? I don't know. I won't get a new car, not because I'll realize I don't need it, but because I can't afford it. And if I could, I'd spend the $ somewhere else. The Tahoe above is over $40,000. So, since I can't have one, here's my take on the new car trends (like you really care about my opinion). Hybrids: Good concept, but are they really as good as they let on. I REALLLLLYYYYY want good gas mileage, but I don't want to give up my towing capactiy and POWER. Does anybody know how much horsepower these things have? Will they keep speed going up hill? I have to admit, they are looking better. These new "boxy" cars: Come on guys. They're ugly. My last pair of shoes (size 15) came in a box bigger than that. Passing Fad. HORSEPOWER and the BIGGER THE BETTER: I can't understand why the insurgence of BIG SUV's and muscle cars. Gas is over $2 per gallon. I hate getting 15 mpg. Do these newer cars get better mileage? Oh, BTW, is anybody doing anything about the gas prices. We freed the fricken country with the biggest oil production in the world. GIVE US SOME GAS!!! During the election I made it clear I'd vote for my 85 yr old grandmother if she could get gas back to $1 per gallon...sorry, A.D.D. post moment. eh', bottom line, I like my cars. I think I'll keep what we've got. I'll get hyped by the flash and sizzle, bells and whistles of the new EXPENSIVE cars, then I'll get in my own, drive to walmart, buy a bobble head chihuahua and put it on the dash of my '96 suburban. Have a great day.

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