Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I need med-i-ca-tion! Repost

I wanted to re-post this for a little bit of a lighter note. Kim, my wife, is doing as well as can be expected. We appreciate all the thoughts, comments and prayers. If Jim S. could email me, I'd like to know where you're from and hook up with a brother YP from SC. This is from yesterday morning. Tuesday: Ahhhh, spring and it's going to be beautiful today. Sunny and 78. I like it. Something in my life is about to change. After 3 months of non-medicated A.D.D., Yes, Jeff is about to become re-medicated. In a last dich effort to preserve my original thoughts, I've tracked my brain process oer the last 15 minutes as I get ready for the day. Here it is. Ooh, i need to take a shower, don't wake up kim. ahh nice new towels. I am so glad we had company last week so we could get new fluffy towels, oh my, what is the thread count on these things, sweet, oh, uh, shower. WATER COLD!!!!!! gotta give it time to warm up, man that's a nice towel, ah, coffee while water is warming up, what does my day hold? what am I doing? oh yeah, coffee, shower, ahhhhhhh water hot. FINISH SHOWER: Man I love this towel, and the coffee is great. What kind of coffee is this? oh yeah, caramel nut, mixed with regular. I bet this would be great with some of that creamer stuff, man, I LOVE this towel. When did I last shave? Sunday? oh, I need to shave. Gotta wait for the mirror to unfog, think I'll get more coffee. Ooh, what am I going to wear today, SHORTS! SWEET. I think I'll post my brain process on my xanga, oh yeah, I got some new medicine for my A.D.D. I think I NEEEEED it. What to drink, ahhhh my coffee. OUCH! HOT! I just poured it. Dasani in the fridge, that new Dasani commercial about the salmon spawning is funny, better. When does this stuff kick in? I think I'll post to my blog about my messed up brain. PRESENT. I've spent the last 3.5 minutes writing, now, what am i doing, oh yeah, need to shave and get back to that killer towel. For those who followed all this, you need some serious help.

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