Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

2009 has been a very interesting year and I hope to recap in a later post, but I want to wish everyone a safe and happy new year. 
I've spent the last several days at Lake Lure and Chimney Rock, NC. Kim, Rebecca and I took 7 studentz from our leadership team to encourage, challenge, and dream cast them for the coming year. Studentz never cease to amaze me. They are capable of so much more than we ever give them credit. One student was reminded of a conversation we had 2 years ago almost to the day. God used that conversation to solidify some deep teaching in his life. I saw servanthood, love, forgiveness, acceptance and depth out of these studentz. We are SO blessed to have them influencing us. They had to get us to the mountains, plan menus, shop under a budget, cook and clean. They far exceeded our expectations, but that was nothing compared to the depth of conversation and understanding of God's word we experienced. I know this is going to be an amazing year for TBCStudentz.
Meanwhile, on the Fat Youth Pastor 40 Day Experiment...
Climbing Chimney Rock caused me to deplete 1/4 of North Carolina's Oxygen supply in less than an hour. Plants were working overtime to reproduce enough life giving O2 for every labored breath after the first 15 feet up the rock. I thought I was gonna DIE!! I guess a week of 2-3 miles with Chaco on our flat track did very little to prepare me for the altitude and climb. Yeah, I was feelin' it BIG TIME. But I made it to the top, got some great pics, beautiful scenery and a small sense of accomplishment. I don't know what the scale will say this Sunday at weigh in #2, but I am feeling better as far as energy goes. I'm also sleeping a lot better and longer than normal.
2010 has some new things for the Stilwell Clan but more on that later. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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