Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Day one of my 40 day experiment has gone well so far, but it was an easy day. Not my typical Sunday. I came home, ate a wonderful lunch cooked by my incredible wife, took a great nap, had a brisk 2 mile walk with fatdog, cleaned up a bit, ate leftovers for dinner and just settled down for a blog post. I was absolutely appalled at my weight this morning. 317!! Only 11 lbs. shy of my highest weight ever and motivation to get this thing underway. I did eat a few cookies and a piece of texas sheet cake. Again, this is not a diet. I’m eating less and exercising more.It just turned 7PM and I am going to try and keep my night snacking at bay. Maybe a few in the shell roasted p-nuts later, make me work for it.
I really enjoyed focusing on John 1 today. The real Christmas story that starts before the world was created.

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