Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 5

Well, It's the start of day 5 of my FatYouthPastor 40 Day Experiment. I behaved myself on the eating yesterday. It's CHRISTMAS and its raining torrentially outside. I got my new vibram 5 finger shoes on and I am awaiting the snickers and sneers from my family. That's what makes me "unique." I kinda like it. 
I'm not going to starve myself today. I will enjoy all Christmas has to offer as far as food is concerned, just not as much of it. Hopefully it will be dry enough tonight to walk fatdog, a ritual we have neglected the last 2 nights due to Avatar 3D and family time. I think Chaco misses it more than I do but we are going to continue with it nonetheless. 
I don't mind the rain or the 60 degree temps. I'm just looking forward to a great day of family, food, presents, and nostalgia of being young. I've watched at least 6 hours of A Christmas Story, it still makes me laugh even though I can quote the whole thing in my sleep. It is a day of peace in my world and thankfulness for my beautiful wife feeling better for the first Christmas in YEARS. I Love my life.
Happy Birthday Jesus. The only present I can give is...ME.

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