Thursday, December 24, 2009


Day four was a little tough for the "eating less" part of the experiment. I went out to eat with an old friend late and became ravenous with the christmas cookies at my normal lunch time. Dinner was a kid's meal from chick-fil-a. A few late night snacks and I'm ready for bed. 
I went to see Avatar 3D tonight with some studentz. It was an AMAZING movie. I'll add a review later. It is definitely in my top 5 movie list. 3D helps a lot, I'm sure.
It's late, Chaco didn't get his walk, and He is WILD because of it, but I'm going to bed. Off tomorrow, Christmas Eve service and Dinner at the Paw-In-Law's. I have something to be VERY thankful about. Kim is feeling good for the first Christmas in years. That's the best Christmas present I could ask for. Merry Christmas Eve!!

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