Monday, August 29, 2005

I'm NOT a middle man

I was injured while on a youth retreat therefore I am covered under workman's comp insurance. This is great because the out of pocket expense for my surgery and therapy would have been HUGE. The only problem I'm having now lies in being the middle man. Dr. Office people do not like to talk with insurance people and have placed hte burden on me to get my WC Insurance to fax information to them. My WC agent has faxed it twice and no one in the DR. office has recieved it. It seems to me, and I may be naive, that if I were a paid professional trained to deal with medical charges , billing and insurance companies, I would not want to leave the the responsibility of collecting funds in the hands of a pain stricken, drugged up, angry surgery patient. I would probably bend over backwards to work with an insurance adjuster, who is obviously A LOT nicer than an over weight, angry, whining, pain stricken mountain of a man who doesn't care what time you get off. In all of this, I have found out I am not a middle man. If this bill is going to get paid, they've got to get together and work it out. In the mean time, I'll sit here in pain with one more thing to gripe and blog about.

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