Sunday, July 3, 2005

Walmart on Sunday afternoon

Or should I say BIZZARO World. There are some FREAKY people in Walmart on Sunday. They come out in mass, more than you can count. Buggies pulling out in front of you from EVERYWHERE, people looking right past you, running over you because they are oblivious to the real world. They're in BIZZARO World. It continued. We ended up at Blockbuster. Seems they don't know their alphabet. Going internet somehow messed them up. Nothing in place, new releases all out of order. We wanted "In Good Company" and finally found it nestled on the bottom isle with the P's, or was it the M's, who knows, see what I mean, BIZZARO World. Today has been weird.


Rick said...

and you expected what?

the only time it would be worse is if you went back around 2am - then all those fruitloops bring their families and neighbors with them, too.

Renee said...

I try to avoid Walmart at all cost! I once went the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING! I must have lost my MIND! I'll never be doing that again.... NO WAY!!

christie said...


David R. Mark said...

Walmart is evil. They cut prices for the masses, but to do so, they have to screw over the masses that work for them, and buy from en masse from China, where the masses are victims of slave labor.

I shop BJ's Warehouse, Target and Kohl's, and get the same bargains without a guilty conscience.