Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Real Invasion

I saw "War of the Worlds" yesterday and I have to say I was impressed. INTENSE. Dakota Fanning should win an Oscar, she's phenominal. Tom Cruise, while I've always enjoyed his acting, proved himself as a Hollywood great. Great Actor, Cooky person. Tom, his new bride to be Katie and John Travolta would have you believe we are actually, physically inhabited by aliens. Scientology teaches, as I have studied over the net, that we are all part of a cosmic game being played in the minds of aliens who have deposited themselves in our physical bodies and have become hypnotised into believeing they aren't aliens. They lie dormant inside of us and just wait for us to die, at which time they pass to another new life and take all our emotional baggage with them. Scientologists believe in a mental ascent to awaken these aliens (thetans) for the purpose of bending the rules of reality to make things go your way. Travolta, Criuse, even Kirstie Ally all contend that the reason behind their success is in found in Scientology. Hmmmmmm. Sorry guys, not buying it. You have just been banished to BIZARRO WORLD.


Rick said...

you suck. was talking myself out of seeing it tonite, but now i'll have to go. dang it.

Renee said...

Dang it i'll prob go see it too even though TC is a freakazoid...thanks for giving the info on scientology....My jaw has hit the floor!WOW! YIKES!!!!!!!!

pianoman said...

Scientology also gives you such enlightenment that you will think you know more than anyone else. I guess those aliens planted a full-of-myself gene in Ole Tom. Maybe he should put his Risky Business shades back on and ask himself that quote he is famous for.