Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Oh yeah, gotta love it.

Busy day yesterday as usual, no problem. Band Practice went great and I got home about 8:30 to settle in for a nice relaxing evening. My lovely bride called me to the laundry slash mud room to listen for an unfamiliar sound. Hmmm, running water. That's unusual, there's no water on. I walked outside to find water gush under the siding. The sound of a rushing water echoed though my head. Hmmmm, leak, it's the middle of the summer. It takes me about 30 minutes to get the water cut off at the street. Packed up the dog, headed to mom for the night. We NEEEEED Water. What a joy. Plumber came this morning and Staff meeting was moved back 30 minutes just for me. Thanks guys, I'd HATE to miss even ONE SECOND of staff meeting. It's a much better evening and I only have a little clean up to do. God is good. I can praise him when things are bad, but I sure do have a hard time doing it when things are just darned inconvenient. I guess I'll get it eventually.


Rebecca said...

still laughing over the staff meeting-what can you say, you're loved and obviously your input is greatly desired-not even bad plumbing can get you out of...i mean, keep you away from such a great thing as staff meeting

Rick said...

you're all wet! drip! sponge!

let us know if you need anything. coffee's ready.