Sunday, July 24, 2005


I spent all day in Mullins Friday cleaning out a storage room. It was HOT, about 30 degrees hotter in the storage room because it's a metal building. I drank A LOT of water. While standing in line @ the store for a Gigantic bottle o' H2O, an old lady walked in with an oxygen tank. She was coughing and trying to use an inhaler. I mean coughing up a lung coughing. she stood behind me and I really felt sorry for her. It took about 3 minutes to get to the cashier and I was wondering why she was just standing behind me with no products. I thought maybe she was buying gas. I paid for my water then walked out. As I open the door to leave, I heard the old lady through her coughing say, "Give me 2 packs of Winston Lights." I guess if you're that bad off, why bother to quit? I'd love to see that in a magazine ad.


Renee said...

Oh Gosh! I almost spit out my coffee!lol

pianoman said...

Another reason I am thankful I quit.