Saturday, July 9, 2005


Awesome Pool Party with the middle school families today. The best flash frozen burgers in the world and a SUPER HUGE grill. a whole new group of guys who think they can take me, oh yeah, like those before, bigger and greater in number, they failed. Nap in the chair at home and finished shaving the collie. That's a job. He looks very un-collie like. My day comes to an end with CRAP on TV. Miss SC padget and Battle Star Galactica. Come on. They're trying to coin a new word, I've heard it several times on the show. "Frack." Can be used as "Frackin'." OK, What is that suppose to be. They throw it around like it's normal. I think I'll call in a frackin night since there's nothing in the frackin tv. I feel so influenced.


Jim S. said...

Man, I loved Battlestar Galactica when I was a kid but this new BSG is soooo lame. i still say Starbuck should be a guy!

Rick said...

that's a frackin' shame that starbucks is a chick. but i think we always suspected anyway, didnt we? hmm?