Thursday, June 23, 2005


In case any of you were wondering, my last post was completely bogus and sarcastic. I did get to see Batman Begins last week @ Imax. Good Show, I'll see it again on the small screen and I am looking forward to War of the Worlds even though I get pretty discusted with Tom Cruise. Ahhhh, sum mean man skwuhted wada in his pwuh weedle face. Deal with it jerk. OK, enough of celeb gossip, at least I haven't had to hear about brad and angelina in the last week. Been kinda busy and found out how much fun BIG HUGE BLOW UP WATERSLIDES can be. This is the end of my useless rant. Have a peachy day!


Humor Girl said...

Don't you mean Brangelina?

Jim S. said...

BIG HUGE BLOW UP SLIDES are GREAT! We bought one for our children's dept at church for Vacation Bible School and had a blast! Luckily I have 2 small children who needed "help" climbing up the back know, once up there the only real way to get back down is to slide.

Rick said...

tag. you're it.