Thursday, June 16, 2005

Time pt. 2

I can't believe I got it all done yesterday. I even had a little time to play XBox with the kids. Got home about 10, finished some phone calls about ten minutes later and enjoyed watching ALL of Lost with the help of DVR. It's hard to stay out of a rut with 14 hour days that all seem to run together. I have already forgotten our short vacation. I barely have time to blog. Hey peppy. (he just woke up and gave me the , "Daddy, I reeeeeeeeeeeally have to pee." look) but i'm still doin' ok. I really wanted to work on my time management and it seems I'm squeezing the most out of the hours. ("Daddy, I'm squeezing as hard as I can to not pee on the wall.") I also think we will be moving closer to the church very soon. Coming home for a little break during the day will help a lot ("If you don't break away from that blog, I'm gonna spray the cat"). So life's really looking good, I just wish I could see my wife more ("If I have to wake her up she'll be ticked. TAKE MY OUT!!!!!"), but that'll happen soon enough. And so is life. Have a great day.

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Rick said...

just wipe up after peppy. glad you guys are at least feeling productive, getting stuff done that needs to be done.