Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Did anyone see Batman Begins last night? I'm going to see it at Imax. I'm looking forward to it. Yesterday, I didn't even got to plug in the laptop or check email. I left the house @ 7:30 and didn't get home til almost 9 last night. I don't think I stopped long enough to sit down and clear my thoughts. This is my life for the summer. Another busy day ahead. PRESSURE!! What kind of pressure can a youth minister be under? Hmmmm. Collect camp deposits (Always hard getting $ from people), new parents meeting, powerpoint for worship,plan bible study for middle school and high school, purchase orders, VBS, fill in bus driver, make lunch for day camp staff, re-schedule a staff meeting, move video projectors, hmmm, gonna be a busy day. I'll be through and home by 10 tonight. Sleep a while and do it all again tomorrow. I need another vacation.

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Jim S. said...

Ah, summer, the time of the year when youth pastors around the country go "AAAAAAAAAA!"

Feel your pain (especially about camp deposits!) but it's only 8 weeks. Can you imagine our jobs when summer was June 1-late August? Hope you get a chance to chill for a bit.