Wednesday, October 5, 2005

yeah, this is just funny

I know you've seen it on the side bar, but I thought it was worth a post. It makes me laugh. It's been a pretty stressful week and it doesnt look like it'll lighten up any the rest of the month. I have one escape. I'm reading the Chronicles of Narnia. The first of hopefully several movies are coming out in December and I want to be familiar with the stories. I also needed a break from some of the more serious books I've been reading. Rick is working hard to get some books read and reviewed, I'm taking a month sabatical from non-fiction. Maybe I'll write some reviews of my own.

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mrjimbo said...

Start with the Magicians Nephew. It was the last book written but is actually the first story in the Narnia saga. (Kinda like Lucas did with the Star Wars saga.)