Monday, October 31, 2005

Fantasy Football

I know Fox Fantasty Football is free, but they suck. Everytime I've taken their advice, I end up getting CRAP. I won my game, but my ringers, the ones Fox said are must plays, did NOTHING this week. Mark Brunnel? 1 pt. Priest Holmes? Oh Yes, a whoppin 4 pts. Even Brett Farve did better than that. My benched Trent Green scored 24. yeah that's right, HE WAS BENCHED. Tatum Bell? 26 pts!!! BENCHED!!! Curses Fox Sports. You said they wouldn't play well this week. I based my decisions on YOU. LOSERS!!! Thank you Fox Sports. You are definatly on my poo poo list.


Todd said...

ESPN Fantasy Football poo poos as well.

Rick said...

you want some bread and cheese with that WHINE?