Tuesday, May 3, 2005


More snot than you can shake a stick at. I wonder what you can do with a gallon of snot? Hmmmmm. Add flour, bake at 350 for 10 minutes and make snot biscuits. MMMMMMMM. Feel free to add ideas.


Rick said...

* snot relish. on hot dogs.
* boogers & chips. fried with fries.
* oatmeal. who'd know the diff?

kirbnator said...

use it to hang wall paper.
ooo. put it on a piece of tape and make fly paper.
glaze on a bunt cake.
hair gel.

ok enough.

Jim said...

substitute for rubber cement
orc ooze
silly putty
The Blob II

Anonymous said...

*grins* I just had to come across this while I was eating.

How about snot pizza?

Use it to hang new wallpaper?

How about something to gross out the girls in the youth group?


Biognome said...

Make gel wristwrests for your keyboard or gel inserts for your shoes.

Snot balloons. These make great grenades, or so I'm told.

Bicycle tire patch kit.

Throw it at people at the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Coat yourself in it and go as a slime monster for Halloween.

Put in in plastic capsules and sell them out of gumball machines for 50 cents each.

Resuscitate dried out slugs.

Use it to practice for auditions for a part on Nickelodeon's "You Can't Do That on Television."

Put it in a time capsule and gross out your descendants.

Use it to threaten your evil little sister.

Phil said...

Three words: slip and slide

Shellster said...

I hear it makes a good adhesive...S'not Crazy Glue, but it comes damn close!

Jatser said...

Mix your gallon of snot with about ten gallons of water in a big vat. Stir occasionally. Pour contents into an old windex container with nozzle on top. Spend your day spritzing people, surfaces, doorknobs, etc. Result: a new epidemic that is proudly yours. Think of the infamy!