Thursday, May 12, 2005

Good Bye Vonage

I had a great time with Vonage. Free long distance, caller ID, call waiting, all kinds of other bells and whistles, but its over. Yes its OV-AH. Boohoo, tears, and sniffles. It seems that there is no way to use myADT alarm system with vonage. Something about the way they compress and decompress the signal that confuses most alarm monitoring systems. In a very sporting attempt to fix the problem, I did find NextAlarm. Great company that does monitor over a broadband connection with the purchase of a network adapter ($119). That seemed the best way to go.... IF I HAD $119. I switched to Vonage b/c I'm BROKE, POOR, IMPOVERISHED, AIN'T GOT NO DOUGH. I also found out I have a service contract with ADT that would cost another $100 to break. So I go back to POTS (techno jargon i learned meaning Plain Old Telephone System) and we're back where we started. It was good while it lasted. I actually didn't save any money seeing as I have to pay reconnect fees. I can see only 1 solution. ADT!!! Please fix your VOIP Issue!!! Oh yeah, VOIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol. Another technogeek word I learned. I did learn some geeky new language, but I can't take that to the bank. Oh well.


Renee said...

We just got Vonage. Glad to hear you liked it though!:)

Tricia said...

I'm sorry it didn't work out for you! that bites.