Thursday, May 12, 2005


Snot Results. Here it is, from both blogs, all the things you can do with a gallon of snot. *mix with flour bake on 350 for snot biscuits * snot relish on hot dogs. * boogers & chips. fried with fries. * oatmeal. who'd know the diff? *use it to hang wall paper. *put it on a piece of tape and make fly paper. *glaze on a bunt cake. *hair gel. *Make gel wristwrests for your keyboard or gel inserts for your shoes. *Snot balloons. These make great grenades, or so I'm told. *Bicycle tire patch kit. *Throw it at people at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. *Coat yourself in it and go as a slime monster for Halloween. *Put in in plastic capsules and sell them out of gumball machines for 50 cents each. *Resuscitate dried out slugs. *Use it to practice for auditions for a part on Nickelodeon's "You Can't Do That on Television." *Put it in a time capsule and gross out your descendants. *Use it to threaten your evil little sister. *Snot Cookies *Snot Cake *numerous Casseroles *Freeze it and make another flavor of ice cream! and my personal favorite: ***Three words: slip and slide Thanks Phil


Renee said...

NAS-TAY! lol

this girl says said...

oh wow.. gross.. lol

Tricia said...

one word: YUCK! LOLOL