Thursday, June 24, 2010

iPhone 4.0: First Thoughts

I was fortunate to get my iPhone 4.0 half a day early thanks to UPS and Apple. I followed the directions from AT&T's email and had no problems activating. It's beautiful, classy and fast compared to my 2 yr old iPhone 3G. I missed the 3GS upgrade in anticipation of this new design.

First Thoughts:
It is PRETTY! It has weight to it, not too much, but it doesn't have the plastic of the previous generation. It looks more like the 1st gen classy. I always thought the 2nd gen design was a little cheap looking. The display clarity is incredible.

It's FAST! Much faster with surfing, booting up, loading and switching from applications. I bought the TomTom navigation app months ago to find it was slow and inaccurate on the 3G. But not any more. GPS pulled up quick and efficient even inside the house.
A few key strokes and all my email was up and running, WiFi passwords restored, and ready to use.

Speakers? I never thing about using the speakers from the phone, and that hasn't changed. It stil sounds like a 1960 transistor radio

Antenna / Signal Strength: This may be a major design flaw. When my hand comes in contact with the antenna band, the signal drops BIG TIME. Bars GO AWAY QUICK? I'm hoping this will be remedied by a case, but direct contact with the antenna is essential for holding the phone without looking and feeling like a dork.

I'm looking forward to the first full day of use. More to come.

Since I switched from 3g, I am digging voice control. Even through bluetooth it's amazing.  Now I know how all those people on the Ford commercials feel. SWEET!!

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Rick said...

The antenna thing is being reported all around. There's also concern about yellowish spots on the retinawhatever screen. I'm thinking a case will help and of course bluetooth on the other. Looking for mine today.