Friday, July 16, 2010

Throw Away Your iPhone 4? Are You Kidding Me??!!

Are you kidding me??!! I'm watching the Today Show's take on what Apple will announce at their press conference today. Despite what I've heard, here's my take on the whole situation.

I didn't buy the phone for Steve Jobs. I could care less if his "Corporate Sweet Heart" image is tarnished. Apple makes great products, has solid customer service, and has a track record of fixing mistakes and I'm good with that. All the critics can continue trashing, tarnishing, bashing, and mocking the iPhone 4, but I'm not the idiot you make me out to be. I'm a little more learned and educated than you give me credit for and I won't allow the tarnished image of apple to ruin my life. I thought networks made soap operas so they wouldn't have to carry the drama to national news. Epic FAIL!!

I love my iPhone, it's my third one. I love keeping up with the technology and seeing it's a lot cheaper than buying new computers and laptops, I choose to go with the upgrades in the phone. My first gen iPhone fell victim to the bathroom tile floor. CRACK!!! From that came cases for protection. The crack was minimal so I waited for the 3G to come out. I've used it ruthlessly and consistently since it came out. I skipped the 3GS in anticipation for the current generation iPhone 4. I have dropped no calls and have had nothing but great service from the wifi, 3g connection, gps, amazing multi-tasking and all the other cool features of the phone. I bought a new case for protection to keep the phone safe. I would have done that regardless of the antenna-gate catastrophe. I'll enjoy and benefit from whatever "fix" they offer because I like free stuff and good technology. It works for me.

I wish AT&T had great 3G service all over the place. If I lived in a non-3G area, I may have bought a droid or something comparable. I make my choices for technology by what works for me. You decide based on what works for you and keep the playground my daddy can beat up your daddy talk for the 3rd graders.

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