Thursday, April 7, 2005

Bad Day Off!

I don't understand why days off are so hard. I've accomplished nothing and I'm angry because of it, but isnt that what days off are supposed to be about? Accomplishing nothing? Add to that the rude conversation I had via phone with the auditors office as to why my property taxes more than tripled since last year because my house wouldn't sell so I have to rent it out, and then not getting $ in the mail that we desperately need, and we have the makings for a pretty crappy day. Yeah, pretty crappy. I guess I'm most angry because I'm angry and this is my day off. I don't want to be angry on my day off. I could have been angry at work.


kirbnator said...

Hey. I gotta know what they said was the reason for the tax raise. probably because the county is broke. Just remember..."and it came to pass....."

Renee said...

I hope today is much better for you!:-)