Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 38

Two more days of the FatYouthPastor 40 day experiment. I've lost the 4 lbs. I gained the first 14 days so I'm back to very little change. The major difference is in me seeing what it's going to take to lose the weight and gain a healthy lifestyle. Kim and I started "The Maker's Diet" yesterday. I'm not sure what all the details are, I'm just eating what I'm told. I think it has to do with a jewish old testament diet. I'm sure I'll learn more if the first week is successful.
A lot has changed though, over the course of the experiment. More on that later.Here are some things I want to do before 2010 come to and end.

Kayak to Charleston
Lose 50 lbs.
Run a mile (yes, at one time without stopping)
NOT have a heart attack from running a mile
Write a song
Fix broke stuff at my house
THROW AWAY / SELL / DONATE all our family JUNK
Take Chaco down Mills Race on the Saluda River

I can probably add a hundred things to this, but I'll start small. In the mean time, if you live in central South Carolina and feel a rumble or shake, it's not an earthquake. Jeff's just trying to run...

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